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Flying Rhinestones

Flying Rhinestones
Flying Rhinestones
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Flying Rhinestones

Effect : The performer displays a Die with Rhinestones for the Spots and a small stick (which you refer to as your mini Magic Wand).

The Die is displayed to show the stones on all sides, then tossed on the table, and the rhinestones have all vanished from the Die and appear on the “wand”

The Die is again shown all around with the stones gone.

In a variation of the routine, the Die can be placed in a spectator’s hand, tapped with the stick and the stones jump from the Die to the Stick.

We supply you all the required props, (made in a variety of eye-catching colours) with instructions for both routines. You will require a few handling trials to master this, but there are no difficult sleights or moves involved.

Props that are easy to carry in your pocket, for use at any time, any place, for an eye-catching and flashy routine !

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