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Magic Puzzle, brain puzzle

Model: KM0308
Ball Pyramid Puzzle This has 6 different sized "chains" of balls, and a pedestal. The objective is to form the balls into a perfect Pyramid. Quite intriguing till you know how it is done. Box packed with instructions on box. Without Packing Box. Color May VaryFOR BULK QTY.  CONTACT US..
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Model: KM1127
BALL PYRAMID-LARGEA neat puzzle, using twenty balls in four blocks. There are two strings of 4 Balls, and 2 blocks of 6 balls. The object of the puzzle is to form them into a perfect Pyramid as illustrated.This is a large size model – the pyramid measures about 3.5″ at the base and each side, and co..
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Model: KM2566
C LOCK PUZZLEThe Double “C” lock Metal Brain Teaser Wire Disentanglement Puzzle is not only fun, it improves your problem solving skills at the same time.The Double “C” is a classic puzzle. The objective of the Double “C” lock wire puzzle is to separate the pieces. This shouldn’t be too hard as this..
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Model: KM1446
Classic Indian PuzzleCan you separate the two pieces, and put them back together again?This puzzle cannot be put down and may cause frustration and irritation. However once mastered you can sit and watch others suffer with a most satisfying smile!!Made with solid plastic plates that are approximatel..
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Model: KM0312
COIN SAFE WOOD COIN SAFE WOOD Coin to be picked out from this wooden puzzle (on bottom there is a coin). The hole on upper side is a pen stand.This is a pure wooden item and is very popular in Magic Puzzle...
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Model: KM0361
COMEDY HAMMER PUZZLE You show a cute wooden hammer which you use  to fix the magic props. The hammer works fine when it is in your hands, but when you hand it to a volunteer to do likewise it falls apart. When you take it back from the volunteer it seems to be perfectly all right, but every ti..
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Model: KM1540
Crazy Cords Crazy Cords You display two different colored strings which pass through two plastic blocks You can pull either string to show that it passes through both blocks. For example. The yellow string is at the top and the red string below. Now pull the blocks apart completely and the ..
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Model: KM0310
Devil's Hook If you try to balance the hook supplied on the tip of your finger or any other place by the pointed end, the Hook naturally topples over, and can not be balanced. However, you can easily balance this hook where ever you please, when you know the simple secret. You can balance it on..
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Brand: Kant Magic Model: KM2713
Double S PuzzleThis Metal Puzzle is very classic and popular, very ideal for kids and adults.Exquisite processing and high qualityMetal brain teaser condenses with traditional Chinese culture and they are quite interestingGood for creative thinking and improve both your IQ & EQBig Size. Mat..
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Model: KM0501
FOOL BOX - PLASTICA bill or a currency note is borrowed from a spectator, folded, and dropped into a sealed clear crystal box through a slot on the top. Hand the box out to the spectator, and he will not be able to open the box unless he learns the clever secret. But You can do it immediately unde..
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Model: KM1800
Headless Lady IllusionThis illusion works on an ingenious geometric vanish, based on the Curry Paradox. It always works, but can you figure out how ?You have a picture of a dancing girl printed in Black & White on one side of the board, and an identical picture in the same size, printed in colou..
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Model: KM1414
Imp Bottle – Jumbo Wood – Collectors EditionA large bottle is rested on its side and stays flat for as long as the magician wishes.When spectators try, it springs back upright.Repeat as often as you wish.Supplied with gimmick and instructions.This is a large model (approximately 4 inches), turned in..
Ex Tax:₹750.00
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