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Model: KM1049
ANOTHER COIN BOXAnother Coin Box – 50c & 1 Rupee SizeAs the name suggests it is yet another coin box to add to the several varieties already on the market. But that’s not all. This special precision box machined from solid brass is designed to serve the functions of several boxes all rolled into..
Ex Tax:₹335.00
Model: KM1164
Bill Appear Bill Appear Performer displays a clear envelope. Two playing cards are shown on both sides and placed, one behind and one above the transparent envelope. The performer now reaches into the clear envelope and removes a folded currency bill (any denomination bill you wish) which ..
Ex Tax:₹70.00
Model: KM1693
Bill Change Box – MagneticA beautiful box made from perspexis shown, and a dollar bill is placed inside. The box is closed and may then be handed to a spectator.After a magical gesture, the spectator opens the box to find a larger bill.A bill or note may also made to vanish or appear or torn and res..
Ex Tax:₹1,050.00
Model: KM0777
BILL PENETRATION Bill Penetration The Performer shows a wooden frame with 3 holes in it and a backing piece. A currency bill is sand-witched between the frame and the backing and is clearly visible through all 3 holes. A “star trap” is swiveled over the center hole, and a pencil pushed rig..
Ex Tax:₹300.00
Model: KM2653
Boston Box - Deluxe Wood (50c Size)A variation of the Okito Box , this holds 4 half dollar (or equivalent) coins. Set the box on the back of your hand. Lift the lid, and the audience can see the coins fill the box. Cover the box, tap it, and the coins instantly pass through the box and the back of y..
Ex Tax:₹299.00
Model: KM1438
A Packet of playing cards miraculously change into a big stack of 500 Rupee notes.You can spread the bills to show BOTH SIDES! There is nothing to see except cold hard cash!Very easy to perform. It is self-working and very easy to learn. Comes complete with an online video tutorial.Specially made fo..
Ex Tax:₹450.00
Model: KM1361
Climax Bill TubeIn case you are not familiar with the Climax Bill Tube, here is the basic effect, and working.A Bill is borrowed, and the owner asked to make a note of the number, and sign it, if he so desires.The Bill is folded, and given to the owner to hold, wrapped in a Hanky.The performer now p..
Ex Tax:₹1,050.00
Model: KM0493
Coin Bender Gimmick Coin Bender Description: Borrow a 2p or 1p coin from a spectator & make a mark on it (if necessary))- everything is completely fair Then hold the coin in your finger tips- it visually bends. Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin still is BENT. You ..
Ex Tax:₹250.00
Model: KM1442
Coin Change Pedestal – WoodA borrowed coin is placed on a pedestal and covered. When the cover is lifted the coin is seen to have changed or vanished. The cover is seen to be clearly empty.You can use the apparatus to produce, vanish or change a coin. Purchase 2 of them and you can also do a passe p..
Ex Tax:₹330.00
Model: KM0840
Coin Dumper The Coin Dumper is a special gimmick designed to hold about a dozen coins securely and release them into your waiting fingers all together at any time required. This differs from Coin Catchers and Droppers in that all the coins are delivered as a stack and not singly, allowing you to pr..
Ex Tax:₹160.00
Model: KM0562
Coin Ladder - LargeSymphony of Sound Beautiful Classic Crowd Pleaser Fantastic Climax of a Stream of Coins Falling from the Ladder! Pluck coins out of the air and place into the Coin Ladder, they slowly step by step cascade down the ladder. The coins hit each metal step & make tha..
Ex Tax:₹5,100.00
Model: KM0163
Coin PedestalA borrowed quarter or any other coin of similar size is placed on a pedestal and covered with a cap. When the cap is lifted the coin is seen to have vanished. The cap is seen to be clearly empty. When you pick up the pedestal and "accidentally" shake it, a coin is heard rattling inside ..
Ex Tax:₹26.00
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