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Model: KM0748
APPEARING CANE HOLDERThis small gimmick enables you to secretly steal a metal or plastic Appearing Cane at will for production from thin air at any moment during your Act.You can make several canes appear using a number of these holders. The gimmick is very useful for any performer who uses Appearin..
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Model: KM0929
BALL HOLDERS BALL / EGG HOLDERS - (SPRING WIRE) These are a metal wire accessory, to hold balls, eggs, lemons, rolled up silks or similar items singly for secret access. Place them anywhere on your clothing, under your coat, vest, or on the table drape. These holders deliver the goods...
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Model: KM0766
Bicycle Floaters (Pair)Once in several years a trick comes along which is revolutionary in its very concept, and takes the Magic world by storm. It is a trick which is immediately copied by several dealers, and sells to every magician who sees it. The Floating Match, originally credited to Ben Harri..
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Model: KM0425
BOTTLE PRODUCTION GIMMICK NEW Bottle Production Gimmick New Again available after a long time, this is a "gimmick" to enable you to produce a bottle of Cola, or any similar soda or pop drink, from a body load, or a crumpled sheet of paper. or bunch of silks or ribbons or in several other wa..
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Model: KM0635
Cane-Card-Silk Holder Cane-Card-Silk Holder The Cane-Card-Silk Holder is a gimmick which will allows you to secretly steal a few Cards, or an Appearing Cane or one or more Silks for use in a routine that requires this. The holder is pinned on your trousers at the waist or to your coat lin..
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Model: KM1263
CIGARETTE PRODUCTO GIMMICK CIG – PRODUCTO GIMMICK The effect is very visual and a dream for the smokers. The magician reaches into thin air and produces a large number of cigarettes, one after the other and tosses them into a hat until totally exhausted (The magician, not the invisible stoc..
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Model: KM0493
Coin Bender Gimmick Coin Bender Description: Borrow a 2p or 1p coin from a spectator & make a mark on it (if necessary))- everything is completely fair Then hold the coin in your finger tips- it visually bends. Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin still is BENT. You ..
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Model: KM0840
Coin Dumper The Coin Dumper is a special gimmick designed to hold about a dozen coins securely and release them into your waiting fingers all together at any time required. This differs from Coin Catchers and Droppers in that all the coins are delivered as a stack and not singly, allowing you to pr..
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Model: KM0922
COIN SLIDE DROPPER COIN SLIDE DROPPER This is a special brass gimmick, specially designed to hold a number of coins in your sleeve or under your Coat, and the coins can be secretly dropped into your hand one at a time, by pressing on the lever. The apparatus can be used for any coin produc..
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Model: KM0857
Dream String #5 (Elastic Invisible Thread Loops) Dream String #5 (Elastic Invisible Thread Loops) Now at 1/5 th the price of previous batches. If you want to do some “real magic”, then there has not been a finer magician’s gimmick in the last decade than the Elastic Invisible Thread Loop. ..
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Model: KM0762
DUCK RABBIT SILK SUPER – WITH REELA new and different production silk, with a novel touch of Magic. The performer reaches into his empty hat, and says he will produce a rabbit. But he only produces a silk, which when opened displays a picture of a Duck, and not a rabbit.Surprised, the performer shak..
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Model: KM0071
Duck to Rabbit SilkKid's Love the Fun!Magicians love producing picture silks.This is a picture silk with a novel touch that will appeal to any audience.Performer attempts to produce a rabbit from a hat.He produces a silk, with the picture of a duck!The two corners of the silk are brought together, a..
Ex Tax:₹375.00
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