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Mental- Mind Power trick

Model: KM2734
Adair’s Jack In The BoxFrom the fertile brain of Ian Adair, we have this knock-out variation of the “Parade of Kings” effect, where the performer “predicts” one of four cards freely selected by a spectator.However, this version, using the four Jacks is exceptionally clean and direct, even permitting..
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Model: KM0488
12 HOURS OF CLASSIC MENTALISM - PERFORMANCE - EXPLANATION - DISCUSSION  Tony Corinda's landmark work, 13 Steps To Mentalism, is widely considered to be the mentalist's bible. In this comprehensive DVD series, modern-day master Richard Osterlind performs dynamic effects from each step of Cor..
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Model: KM0795
2D Fork Bending 2D Fork Bending How the fork in the picture was bent...?    This is totally different fork bending!!  There is an illustration of a fork on a paper which is put on a clipboard. Magician picks a volunteer from the audience and have him/her write his/her name or s..
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Model: KM1299
Absolutely Amazing Wallet Absolutely Amazing Wallet This beautifully crafted fine leather wallet will mystify your audience as you predict your spectator’s randomly selected card again and again. The wallet’s hidden secret is the key, as there is no palming or sleight of hand involved in t..
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Model: KM0544
Adair's Egg NestFrom the fertile mind of Ian Adair, prolific creator and author of some 240+ magic books, comes this gem of a "Just Chance" effect, suitable for most audiences, and all performing conditions.The performer shows a clear net bag, one the audience can easily see right through. In this "..
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Model: KM2350
Adair’s Crystal Clear ImageA spectator selects a card from a shuffled deck.From a coloured envelope, the performer removes four jig-saw pieces and arranges these onto a table surface. He asks a spectator to assist by forming these four pieces into one complete jig-saw. This done, the completed jig-s..
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Model: KM2133
Alphabet RouletteSpin to win!The magician and a spectator each select several letters, and spin the miniature routlette wheel to arrive at a combination of numbers and letters. The magician almost always wins - even when playing for low total.Better than loaded dice because the numbers and letters a..
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Model: KM0233
Amazing Jewelry Box Magician shows a box and opens the lid. There are 6 colorful stones (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Violet) in the box. The magician asks the spectator to chooses one stone and place it on the table. Then the magician askes to the spectator to open the drawer at the bott..
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Model: KM0542
Ani-mental The performer displays a set of 8 cards picturing 8 different animals on them. A spectator is instructed to shuffle the cards, then merely think of one of the animals.  The cards are mixed ny the spectator, and spread face down on the table.  The performer now randomly tap..
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Model: KM0876
ANOTHER FLYING RING By Kant MagicGreat Audience Participation VISUAL MagicA borrowed finger ring vanishes from the performer's hand and appears hooked inside a Key Case in the performer's hip pocket.Gimmick Reel Concealed inside Custom Key CaseNO Set-Up!NO Jacket Required!Great Audience Participatio..
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Appearing Beer by Mago Murphy Appearing Beer by Mago Murphy
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Model: KM1723
Appearing Beer by Mago MurphyDescription:Appearing Beer from Mago Murphy is the perfect opener for stand up shows, street magic or comedy shows!Show an empty beer jar, cover with a silk and it becomes full!Best part is you can instantly pour the beer into another glass.Or, show a silk, make a empty ..
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Model: KM1043
BAGSHAWE'S (MIND READING) GENIIThe magician displays a packet of cards with pictures of a Genii, ready and waiting for your command. A spectator signs one of these cards on the face, and back, so the card cannot be switched. The card is left in full view, face away from spectators. The spectator the..
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