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Magic tricks & Novelties for All.

Model: KM1798
3D Dream Bag - 5 Boxes Produced from an Empty BagEFFECTThe Performer has an empty bag and then produces a large transparent box full of fish from it! The bag is shown to empty, and it is, everyone can see into it, and another transparent box with dice is produced from it! This is repeated another th..
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Model: KM1818
Accordion CardsACCORDION CARD TRICK Shuffle Cards In A Zig-Zag Motion Like A Pro!Have you seen magicians spring a deck of cards between his hands with amazing dexterity? How would you like the deck to accomplish this for you? This specially prepared deck allows you to seemingly perform a wonderful c..
Ex Tax:₹425.00
Model: KM2133
Alphabet RouletteSpin to win!The magician and a spectator each select several letters, and spin the miniature routlette wheel to arrive at a combination of numbers and letters. The magician almost always wins - even when playing for low total.Better than loaded dice because the numbers and letters a..
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Model: KM0281
(Amazing Drawer Box - Cigarette Vanishing CaseThis is an excellent mechanical pocket item, and one which every Magician will find useful in his bag of tricks. The performer shows a small box, like a Cigarette Case, which is exactly right to hold six King Size Cigarettes. (Box measures appr..
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Model: KM1974
Angel BookThe magician has a booklet in his hand, in which there are pictures of the beautiful angels. The magician asks an audience to come on a stage to choose one of the most beautiful angels. The magician shows the booklet to an audience with the beautiful pictures of girls and asks the person t..
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Model: KM0542
Ani-mental The performer displays a set of 8 cards picturing 8 different animals on them. A spectator is instructed to shuffle the cards, then merely think of one of the animals.  The cards are mixed ny the spectator, and spread face down on the table.  The performer now randomly tap..
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Model: KM1795
Appearing Cane -  Long Size - Stainless SteelA solid silver cane, between 4.5 to 5 feet long instantly appears in the performer’s hand. Or visibly transform a silk into a cane.No rusting, no oiling and cleaning, no mess, and no color fading. The deluxe prop you have always wanted is now availab..
Ex Tax:₹900.00
Model: KM1907
Appearing Flower and Rising Wand2 Tricks in One!Performer displays his Wand 11" long, showing it freely and then magically a flower appears at the tip of the wand!But that's not all ... the magician then casts his magic spell on the Wand  and it RISES!Perfect for clowns, children's performers &..
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Model: KM0288
Trapezoid Water VasePerformer pours water into a small blue plastic vase, covers the mouth with a piece of paper, and turns vase over. Water remains suspended – an impressive scientific demonstration! Then the paper is peeled away, and the water still remains suspended – that’s magic!A self-containe..
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Model: KM1769
Atomic Water Vase – MetalThe apparatus for the Metal model consists of a seamless, spun metal bowl measuring approx. 3″ in diameter and 1.5″ in height.The bowl is shown empty, and filled to the brim with water.  A piece of paper is placed over the mouth of the bowl, and the bowl inverted, and t..
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Model: KM0510
Automatic Three Card Monte - Small PokerThree cards are shown ...1 Kings & 2 Queen. (8.8x6.4 cm)The king is made to vanish and reappear at will. The cards are plainly shown each time before they change places.The king can never be found by the audience.EFFECT-2Three cards are shown. Two Kings an..
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Model: KM0161
BALL & VASE - PLASTICThe ball and vase is a very old classic trick. A ball is removed from the vase and put in the magician's pocket. It then reappears in the vase and and then vanishes again and reappears back into the pocket. We supply a plastic ball and vase...
Ex Tax:₹40.00
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