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Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box
Jack In The Box
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Adair’s Jack In The Box

From the fertile brain of Ian Adair, we have this knock-out variation of the “Parade of Kings” effect, where the performer “predicts” one of four cards freely selected by a spectator.

However, this version, using the four Jacks is exceptionally clean and direct, even permitting you to display the prediction card freely on both sides. No force. No substitutions, sleights or multiple outs.

While the props supplied could be used for different presentations, this one is Ian’s favorite …

“I commence with a small bag, EMPTY, resting on the table. I offer a spectator to look inside IS empty.

Now I display a fan of Jacks – all four – hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. I even part these whilst pattering, displaying the cards freely, front and back.

I mix them up between my hands, backs facing audience, and then state I will remove one. This is the card I place inside the bag.

I then ask the spectator to name any Jack, absolutely no force, and they can change their mind as often as they wish …and that’s the one inside the bag, the card being shown both sides.”

We supply the four regular Jacks, the required gimmick that make the effect possible, and a paper box, like a miniature “gift bag” that folds flat for convenience to hold the “prediction card”. (The reason for using a “box” instead of an envelope is because everyone knows of the Jack-in-the-Box, and the one in this box is going to be an equally big surprise !) Also supplied are detailed instructions for performing this. An amazing “prediction” effect at a very modest price.

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