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Two Card Monte

Two Card Monte
Two Card Monte
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Two Card Monte

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN WAY TO ENTERTAIN OTHERS? Look no further than the Two Card Monte trick!

Two playing cards are shown. A card selected by the audience is placed behind your back. It mysteriously changes place with a card in plain sight of the audience.

Or show your spectator two playing cards. Put them behind your back, then take one out, with the back showing. Ask your spectator which of the two cards he thinks it is- no matter what he says, he’s WRONG! The card he names is ALWAYS the card behind your back!

Simple to perform, but baffling to the audience. Full Instructions Included, including a video link.

“Excellent pocket trick, very easy to do, and a good pitch item or gift item at a very affordable price.”

Purchase in Lots of 50 for a big discount.

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