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  • Model: KM0396
  • Weight: 1.50kg
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Perfect Color Match

A very easy to perform and highly effective mental  "matching routine" where a spectator correctly matches 5 colored spots with those "predicted" by the magician.

You display a clear empty frame, and five pairs of spot cards with different colored spots on them.
Hand over one set of spot cards to a spectator, and keep the other set for your self.

State you will place your five cards in the frame in a particular order, and you first place your five cards in the frame, backs toward audience.

Now have the spectator shuffle his packet, face down, and hand over a card at a time face unseen, and have him freely pick a number, and slide this card into the frame on the opposite side., in the empty slot against the designated number  The cards are back toward audience till all five cards have been inserted. The colored spots would be in any random order - the probability of the 5 cards being correctly matched is 1 in 120. 

Now turn around the frame to face audience and display the perfect match, - all the colored spots have been correctly matched, as you congratulate the assisting spectator for his uncanny psychic abilities! Have him take a bow and collect the applause!

The prop is beautifully made from acrylic and is a large size for stage use. The trick is almost automatic in working, and there are no forces, stooges, or multiple outs.

Very strong and straight forward mentalism, supplied complete with all requirements, and photographically illustrated color instructions.

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