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The Lucky Key

The Lucky Key
The Lucky Key
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The Lucky Key

Here is a truly top quality item for a flawless and outstanding performance of this classic of mental magic.

The magician asks the spectators if they want to play a little game of chance. He pulls out a very high denomination banknote and says that he will put it at stake... whoever wins will be given the banknote as a prize!He slips the banknote into a flat crystal clear plexiglass container, and locks it with a padlock. He then introduces 8 small keys and shows that only one of them opens the padlock. The 8 keys are dropped into a glass and thoroughly mixed up. Now one at a time the spectators pick a key and try their chance at opening the padlock. Needles to say they do not succeed at opening the it .At the end the magician (or even one of spectators) tries the very last key that was not chosen, and surely enough it opens the padlock. After the high tension performance the magician can finally relax, take his money back and receive his well deserved applause.

An effect that you can carry in your pocket but will be entertaining even for the largest of stages.

• The gimmick is absolutely PERFECT.

• No manipulation is required and no keys are secretly exchanged.

• The custom made container is made of high quality crystal clear plexiglass.

• The effect is very easy to perform so you can concentrated on the presentation.

• Video/Paper instructions are supplied. You can use banknotes of any value and country (Euros, Dollars etc.). The banknote and glass are not supplied.

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