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Multichange Dice

Multichange Dice
Multichange Dice
  • Model: KM2902
  • Weight: 3.50kg
Ex Tax: ₹6,000.00

Multichange Dice

Magician displays a large, vibrant red die with all six sides on full display. He places the die on a revolving pedestal, covers it and with a spin, it astonishingly transforms into a brilliant yellow dice!

The yellow dice is covered once more and spun around, and in an instant, it transforms into a pristine white dice.

And here’s the grand finale: The white dice is covered, spun one last time, and it undergoes an incredible transformation into eight different puzzle cubes, each one as real as it gets. The best part? You can hand them out for examination, letting your audience be a part of the magic!

Made from acrylic and comes complete in a beautiful sturdy box measuring 9.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches to carry it around and store it safely.

The Dice are 5 inches on all sides.

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