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Himber Plus Add A Number Wallet

Himber Plus Add A Number Wallet
Himber Plus Add A Number Wallet
  • Model: KM2949
  • Weight: 0.25kg
Ex Tax: ₹499.00

Himber Plus Add A Number Wallet

This is a handy pocket size switch wallet (3” x 5” in size) in real leather, with a double use feature.

It will permit you to produce, vanish or switch cards, currency notes, photographs, paper slips etc. like a regular switch wallet.

It can also be used as an Add a Number Pad, to force any number or switch a design or drawing.

An advantage of this wallet over the regular Z-Fold wallet is that this can be very freely handled. The double fold is very well concealed and will not flash even when the side of the wallet is on view. It opens flat, and can even be handled by a spectator under some performing conditions.

We supply you the wallet complete and ready to use, with two large pages of instructions and many many ideas for its use.

A very useful and highly recommended utility prop which will find a place in any type of act – close-up, mentalism, or even platform use. The stitched leather construction adds durability, and a touch of class to the prop.

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