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  • Model: KM0466
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Silk Blow Prediction

This is a very novel card prediction effect. 
Performer points to a small tube on the table, which he claims has a prediction of a selected card. A small corner of a silk is seen sticking out of the tube.
A spectator selects a card from a regular deck and displays it for all to see. The performer now removes the silk (approx. 11" in size) from the tube, and opens it out. Ha Ha ! The selected card is there, as are several others, any of which could have been the prediction. 
The performer is offended that the audience is not impressed. He pushes his prediction silk back into the tube. He blows through the tube, and the silk flies out. But it is now two silks. The original silk has a blank space where the "selected card" was. And there is now another small silk (5" in size), with the picture of the spectator's selection. Everything - the two silks and the tube can be handed over to the spectators - there is nothing to find.

Comes complete with Tube, Silks (2 large 11" silks and a smaller 5" silk) and detailed illustrated instructions for its use. You can also use the metal tube for various other effects that are performed with dye tube, and the silks with another change prop.

The Silk Blow Prediction comes in 2 varieties (for King of Clubs & Eight of Diamonds). Please specify requirement when ordering.

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