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Cube To Ball Transformation

Cube To Ball Transformation
Cube To Ball Transformation
  • Model: KM2990
  • Weight: 3.00kg
Ex Tax: ₹1,500.00

Cube To Ball Transformation

A wonderful transformation of a Cube to a Ball.  The performer displays an attractive cover on a base and a scrambled Rubik’s cube .

The cube is shown all around and then placed on the base. The cover is then paced over the cube. When the cover is lifted again,  the cube has vanished and in its place is a ball which looks just like the Rubik’s cube

In place of the ball you can also produce silks, colored candy or even a real solved Rubik’s cube.

The Base measures 3.75 inches square and the item is 5 inches in height.

A beautiful prop made from acrylic.

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