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  • Model: KM1227
  • Weight: 0.45kg
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Botania - Mini

This is an excellent self contained production. 

Extremely easy and very colorful!

An attention-getting way to open or close your show! 

Start by showing the empty cylinder, and place it on a table (or even hold it in your hands). At your command, you lift the tube and INSTANTLY a LARGE and SHOWY bouquet of flowers appears! Stunning! And yes, it's THAT FAST! 

Another way to present this flower miracle is to show a single pretty flower (not included, but you can use any flower, real or artificial), and place it into the cylinder. When you lift the cylinder, the single flower has magically transformed into the full bouquet of colorful flowers! 

This flashy and impressive trick is extremely easy to perform, and shows up well at a distance. It can be performed at close range as well, or even surrounded! Best of all, it sets up quickly and easily.

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