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3 Way R&S Forcing Deck (Genuine Bicycle)

3 Way R&S Forcing Deck (Genuine Bicycle)
3 Way R&S Forcing Deck (Genuine Bicycle)
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3 Way R&S Forcing Deck (Genuine Bicycle)

How often have you encountered the phrase “by your favourite method” to force a card for a card trick?

We predict this will surely become your favourite method, once you handle this prop.

This special deck, made with genuine Bicycle Cards will enable you to force one, two or three cards, for any effect that requires it. At all stages of the handling, the deck can be freely fanned and displayed, front and back, unlike other trick decks.

It makes for the perfect third “force” for the Mental Epic effect. It is ideal to force a page or line for a Book Test. Use it for a routine where you predict the outcome of the daily lottery. Use the one same deck to force different cards during the same show, for different effects.

These are some of the many ideas you get in the detailed instructions that accompany each deck.

Not a cheap item, due to the very high cost of original Bicycle decks, this is still a bargain for the serious performer, wanting a convincing and sure fire force, for any effect requiring the force of one or more cards (like the Rising Cards or Card Sword) or force number for a book test or gambling themed effect.

Limited stock, please order early if insterested.

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