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Model: KM1622
Fire Change Bag - ZipperA Zipper Changing Bag with a fire function.The changing bag has a fire function!!! Easy fire with one switch !!!The changing bag is a double type.You can incorporate fire effects before changing items.* Batteries are required separately.* Please note that the fabric of the ba..
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Model: KM0883
Fire From Palms – GimmicksYou are supplied with two special gimmicks, one for each hand. With the help of these, you produce fire from your palms. Transfer the flame from one hand to the other, or magically extinguish it, and produce it as often as you wish.This is a fire effect, that requires handl..
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Model: KM0351
Fire Gloves (White colour) Magician hold  the fire torch go to the stage, he suddenly light his own hands with the torch, raging fire is awful. This program can also be performed with other fire type of program, very nice effects! The set of props including: 1 Pairs fire gloves + detail inst..
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Model: KM0438
Fire Newspaper Open an ordinary newspaper and while reading, the newspaper suddenly is on fire with huge flames. The trick can be done repeatedly. Close the newspaper to put the flames out...
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Model: KM0380
Fire of Card SetThe hottest trick in close-up magic! Now with new REALISTIC-LOOKING burnt cards!Coin magic meets card magic in a burst of flames! A card is selected, signed and returned to the pack. A borrowed and marked coin is wrapped in a piece of tissue paper and placed on top of a deck. The spe..
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Model: KM0168
FIRE ON HAND Here is the latest sensational fire trick to add to your show! Effect: The Performer shows an oblong cabinet having a door at the front as well as at the top. Each side wall of the cabinet has got a large hole. The performer opens the front door of the cabinet, he places his either ha..
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Model: KM0097
FIRE TO DOVE BAGMagician shows a red cloth bag in his hands and Fire is lighted in a cloth bag. Flames leap a foot or more into the air. When the bag is ripped apart, the fire vanishes instantly, leaving in its place silks, dove, scrawny chicken or other surprise production.Or you can use it in to d..
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Model: KM0144
FIRE TO DOVE TRAYYou show the empty tray to the audience then it burned and suddenly the flame turn off and a beautiful dove appear from the burning flame.In the second version, the magician put the dove in the tray and when the balloon burst it changing to dove.The performance of this item is easy ..
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Model: KM0346
Fire Wallet - EC You reach into your pocket to pull out your wallet. Open it up and it BURSTS into Flames! Close the wallet and Put Out the Flames. This time you open it to reveal its FILLED with money etc! This is a great fire wallet, great for any venue but especially clubs, bars, & restaura..
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Model: KM0746
FLAMES AT FINGER TIPS FLAMES AT FINGER TIPS Tricks with fire have an unusual appeal of their own. A magician who produces fire from his bare hands, somehow seems more dramatic and spectacular than one producing a Ball or Silk because of the dangerous nature. One of the several fire tricks ..
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Model: KM0078
FLASH GUN Franklin Park Innovations, Madurai, has launched this new model of " Flashgun".  Effect:- The performer walks on to the stage, hands seemingly empty , and then - WHAM! - suddenly a flash is seen streaking out of his hand, erupting into a brilliant ball of fire. Shoots 10 - 15 feet...
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Model: KM0241
FLASH PAPER Ideal for use with almost any flash gun, wand, or other device. Contains Three, 20 by 20 CM white sheets Brilliant Flashes of Fire from Your Fingertips! Flash Paper, burns quickly and completely with bright flame; It ignites when touched by a lighter or match, no smoke and no ash left;..
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