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  • Model: KM1114
  • Weight: 0.50kg
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In effect, the magician shows a can with a lid. The lid is removed, a lit match is dropped into the can and flames shoot out. Obviously can is full of some volatile substance.
The can is covered, putting out the fire, and when the cover is removed, a large quantity of water is poured out from the can. Fire and water don’t normally mix, except of course, in magic tricks.
After pouring out all of the water, the magician produces several items from the can, colored silks, spring flowers, and other similar items that magicians are so fond of producing. Needless to say they come out perfectly dry, from the same can which only a moment ago was fill of water.
And the, as if that was not enough, the magician inverts the can once again and pours out another large quantity of water.
Made of metal and powder coated. Item is 6.25″ in height and approximately 3.5″ diameter.
Fire Can

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