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Stage magic tricks

Model: KM0091
BALLOON TO RABBIT BOX Effect : The performer displays a box with a see through front with bars across, - the type of box one would normally use to carry a pet. The box is seem to be clearly empty. A balloon is placed in the box which can be seen through the see through front. The balloon is burst..
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Model: KM0892
Balloon To Rabbit Cage - SteelThe magician shows all sides of a big empty steel box  . The Performer now introduces a balloon and inflates  it. He then puts the balloon inside the box and shows the box again. The Performer now makes a magical gesture. The balloon inside the box pops a..
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Balloon-Fire to Dove Tray
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Model: KM0828
Balloon/Fire to Dove Tray This ingenious item is designed for 2 very different presentations: - You show the empty tray to the audience then it burned automatically and suddenly the flame turn off and a beautiful dove appear from the burning flame. - In the second version, the magician put ..
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Model: KM0403
BENDING AND RESTORING SPOON--GIANT Using a giant spoon, the magician is able to display his mental powers by making the spoon bend at will just by using his mind! The spoon is totally under the performers control at all times! You use the same spoon every time!..
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Model: KM1693
Bill Change Box – MagneticA beautiful box made from perspexis shown, and a dollar bill is placed inside. The box is closed and may then be handed to a spectator.After a magical gesture, the spectator opens the box to find a larger bill.A bill or note may also made to vanish or appear or torn and res..
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Model: KM0515
Black and White Gloves to Streamer The Performer enters the stage with his gloves on his hand. But the spectators are astonished to see that the gloves on two hands of the performer are of different colors.  The right hand glove is black while the left hand glove is white. The performer remov..
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Model: KM0769
Black Art Well Table The table a magician uses on stage should be sturdy, smart and attractive, convenient to use and light for traveling. Our Black Art Well Table fulfills all these conditions, and more. It is a Magician’s Table, with a secret Black Art Well for vanishing or producing items like B..
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Model: KM0316
Disarmed Arm Chopper / Blades Thru Arm Place your arm in this box and show both sides. Now slowly insert the two aluminum blades through your arm. Unlock the latch and open the box! Close and lock the box, now remove the blades.  The Cabinet opens on hinges and separates your arm in TWO! ..
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Model: KM0103
Blind Fold Drive BagThis is a reputation-building magic and a very good publicity stunt. You show an opaque black bag and put it over somebody’s head. He cannot see anything through it, not even a single ray of light. You wear it and the strings are tied around your neck. Blind folded in this way, y..
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Model: KM0745
BLOCK ESCAPE - WOOD The magician takes out a red rope and a wooden box, then he makes the string pass through the box from the hole in it .He catches one end of the rope, passes it through the hole again and makes a knot in the box. It is fasten by the knot now and it seems impossible that the box c..
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