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Adair's Egg Nest

From the fertile mind of Ian Adair, prolific creator and author of some 240+ magic books, comes this gem of a "Just Chance" effect, suitable for most audiences, and all performing conditions.

The performer shows a clear net bag, one the audience can easily see right through. In this "nest" are five different colored eggs, from some exotic rainbow bird. Four spectators participate. Each freely picks an egg from the bag, lucky dip style. No Forces, or "outs", and the last egg is left for the performer.

When the four spectator's eggs are "cracked open", they contain candy, or consolation messages. A spectator can open the performer's egg (he needn't touch it at all), and it has a diamond ring, or a large denomination currency bill.

You have complete control over the contents of your selection, and theirs. If you prefer, you could have the four kids get trinket jewellery, while you get the insides of a real egg! Or have five spectators participate, including the birthday boy or girl, who gets the prize. And it need not be the last egg selected or left behind, the birthday boy can take his pick any time, and still get his prize.

This is very simple, very clever, very deceptive, and the props look attractive. It's easy to do, and costs much less than you would expect to pay for such a great magic routine. 

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