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Stage magic tricks

Model: KM1293
20th Century Frame 20th Century Frame The magician shows a rectangular frame and tucks two silks of the same color in two small holes that are in its opposite ends. He then places a balloon in the center of the frame between the silks. A different colored silk is magically made..
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Model: KM0662
20th Century Silks 20th Century Silks Classic Platform Magic that ANYONE Can Perform! The 20th Century Silks will blow away the audience when you perform this at your next show. It will be a sensational hit at your Saturday afternoon kid's birthday show as well as for your adult audience du..
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Model: KM0795
2D Fork Bending 2D Fork Bending How the fork in the picture was bent...?    This is totally different fork bending!!  There is an illustration of a fork on a paper which is put on a clipboard. Magician picks a volunteer from the audience and have him/her write his/he..
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Model: KM0460
3 Appearing Guitars From Suitcase An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but THREE full size guitars from a suitcase. You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand. From this you are able to produce THREE Guitars. Easy to do. The guitars are made of wo..
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Model: KM0249
3 Bird Cages From Book of Fire 3 Bird Cages From Book of Fire Audiences are always fascinated with any illusion that contains fire.... If the fire comes with a surprise kicker it's even more fascinating and magical! A normal book produces automatic fire flames and then instantly..
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Model: KM0768
3-in-1 Antigravity Production Glass 3-in-1 Antigravity Production Glass This is an utility prop, comprised of a plastic Wine Glass, and two custom made fakes. It will enable you to perform Anti-Gravity type effects, or use this as a Production item. One of the fakes is a cup shaped insert w..
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Model: KM1798
3D Dream Bag - 5 Boxes Produced from an Empty BagEFFECTThe Performer has an empty bag and then produces a large transparent box full of fish from it! The bag is shown to empty, and it is, everyone can see into it, and another transparent box with dice is produced from it! This is repeated another th..
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Model: KM0544
Adair's Egg NestFrom the fertile mind of Ian Adair, prolific creator and author of some 240+ magic books, comes this gem of a "Just Chance" effect, suitable for most audiences, and all performing conditions.The performer shows a clear net bag, one the audience can easily see right through. In this "..
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Model: KM0273
New Page 1 Airborne Glass Plastic Bottle Model The Airborne Glass has become a favorite with magicians because of the completely off-beat and highly visual magic impact. Use it as a magic effect, or an MC bit, or at a party as an "impromptu stunt" - this one is a real stunner. The basic e..
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Model: KM0680
Airborne Glass – Coke Can ModelThis is an amazing, visual, and very off beat magic effect. At any time during his show the performer picks up a can of Coke, Pepsi, or his favourite soda, and an empty clear glass.He begins to pour the drink into the glass, and at some point accidentally leaves the gl..
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Model: KM0667
Amaze Box INDIAN Version Once in a while we come across a trick with a method that is as inspiring and whimsical as the effect it creates. "AmazeBox" is the best example of this that we've ever encountered (think of the wow factor of the best Tenyo items...but this one you can use onstag..
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