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Multicolour Matrix

Multicolour Matrix
Multicolour Matrix
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Multicolour Matrix

he magician shows four Poker Chips of four different colours. The Poker Chips are laid out in front of the magician. Two of the Chips are covered by two Cards. The magician pretends to invisibly remove one Chip from under one Card, and place it under the other card. When the cards are lifted up, both the Chips are found under one Card, whereas there is nothing under the other Card.

Again one of the Chips is covered by a Card, and the pile of two Chips with the other Card. The single Chip under the Card magically vanishes, and re-appears with the other two. Finally the last Chip, and the pile of three Chips is covered with the two cards, and when the cards are lifted, all the four Chips are found to have magically assembled together under one card.

Easy to do with the special chips supplied. You can use any ordinary cards – even borrowed ones.

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