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Mental- Mind Power trick

Model: KM1396
OCTAL REVELATIONThe magician shows a folder, stating it is a prediction to be revealed later, and keeps it in front of the audience.He then asks a spectator to take any one card from a pack of cards according to his will. He is asked not to show his card to the magician. The magician now says he is ..
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Model: KM0558
O.R.C.(Optimum Rising Card) by Taiwan Ben Effect: O.R.C. is the ULTIMATE in Rising Card Effects! The most versatile method that has ever produced! Absolutely NO hook ups what so ever! This classic effect can now be performed under the most stringent test conditions. With ORC you have 100% cont..
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Model: KM0396
Perfect Color Match A very easy to perform and highly effective mental  "matching routine" where a spectator correctly matches 5 colored spots with those "predicted" by the magician. You display a clear empty frame, and five pairs of spot cards with different colored spots on them. Hand over ..
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Model: KM2232
Perspective Cards SetThis is a very easy yet baffling mind reading effect which you can carry in your pocket, and perform any time, any place.A spectator is asked to think of any card of the 52 in a deck. No forces, no ifs and buts – he can select any of the 52 cards !The performer now hands him eig..
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Model: KM0895
Phantom DiskThe magician ask a spectator to select a card from a deck. He displays two disks, and places one disk on top of the other and holds them between his fingers. The spectator is asked to glare at the screen, which at that time is completely black. Spectator is asked to keep glaring at the s..
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Model: KM0534
Picture Production Frame A picture appears in an empty photo frame in the blink of an eye. It can be the picture of a famous person or a Jumbo version of a selected card chosen by the audience. A cartoon character for a children show or a famous landmark like the Eiffel tower. You can use any pictu..
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Model: KM0478
POWER PULL  A Brand New Principle in Magic! De-magnetizing magnets without heating at high temperatures is impossible. Power-pull is100% powerful! It increases your personal magnetism, by slowly decreasing the magnetic power in the hands of the spectator. A few borrowed metal items like key..
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Model: KM0958
Prediction ColorThis is a trick where the magician (or ‘Mentalist’) predicts something that will happen in the immediate future.Some colored chips or tokens are given to a spectator. A ‘Prediction’ is written and given to another spectator for safe keeping.The spectator is asked to stack the chips, ..
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Model: KM1573
Prediction BookPocket Mental trick A small black book is displayed. Pictured on the book are three objects - a cell phone, a pen and a key. The spectator is asked to think of any one of the three objects. The first page of the book is shown to have a picture of each object. The spectator names ..
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Model: KM0640
Prediction Chest (Wood Finish)  What is it? It is the Master Prediction System, the most mystifying, practical and portable all-purpose prediction ever!  A small finely made chest hangs in full view on one side of the stage.   At any time in your act, you invite members of the..
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Model: KM0491
Prediction Pen This is one of the coolest items we have seen this year. Five different color pens are displayed in a holder. A volunteer is given a drawing and is asked to choose a marker. They are instructed to color a portion of the drawing. This is repeated with the other color markers. When th..
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Model: KM0210
Psychic Nut and Bolt – New Imported There is no doubt that “Micro Psychic” is the best version of this kind of effect on the market. It’s not just a “magic prop”….. It could be called a “Mind-Blowing Work of Artistic Precision”.    Effect Magician introduces a Nut and Bolt. He asks th..
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