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Mental- Mind Power trick

Model: KM1653
The BlastThe Blast is a magnet fee, non electronic and completely manual product.The easy to use mechanism opens a wide range of possibilities. It can be used in close-up magic, on stage or when you are surrounded by the crowd. It is a practise-free product.The blast can be done on any balloon stick..
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Model: KM0893
The Clear-Vue Master PredictionThe most Mystifying, Practical and Portable All-Purpose Prediction Ever has now been IMPROVED! A strongbox with Lexan® windows front and back allows a clear view through the box. The capsule and the prediction it contains are in full view, removing all d..
Rs. 18,000.00
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Model: KM2253
Two Card MonteARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN WAY TO ENTERTAIN OTHERS? Look no further than the Two Card Monte trick!Two playing cards are shown. A card selected by the audience is placed behind your back. It mysteriously changes place with a card in plain sight of the audience.Or show your spectator two ..
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Model: KM0790
Ultimate Prediction BoardMany people have been asking for a smaller version of the stage size Ultimate Prediction Board ,so they could take this amazing prop into more intimate and smaller venues!  Not only is it available, but he has made a subtle yet, dynamic change by removing the wood panel..
Rs. 7,200.00
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Model: KM1510
Ultimate Switch Device ULTIMATE SWITCH DEVICE This is a high quality very deceptive piece of apparatus. It is so diverse; you will have a hard time choosing how you will want to use it! You are supplied with this beautiful prop and explanations for 18 effects. It's so easy and diverse, you will ..
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Model: KM0194
Vision Supreme With Vision Supreme you can make on-the-spot predictions that will appear on a LAMINATED piece of paper SEALED inside an envelope. This is possible thanks to a special gimmick called the "GhostWriter" invented by Pieras Fitikides. Even though the prediction is laminated and it i..
Rs. 4,020.00
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Model: KM0933
Window Prediction by Ian AdairA card is freely selected from an examined, shuffled deck.Performer slides it into a small board folder which has a window cut-out on its front. Spectators see the back of the chosen card at all times.Moments later when the card is slowly and visibly removed, there prin..
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Model: KM1424
Wonders Of The World PredictionThis is a New Model with a different prediction. Even if you own the older model, you can add it to your collection to use it for a repeat showThis is a very simple and clean cut prediction effect. No forces, no stooges, no multi-outs, and a 100% surefire prediction.Th..
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Model: KM0403
Yoga Levitation There are many stories of people levitating throughout history.  One from the modern era concerns the Yoga Levitation. For more Info. You can ask us...
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Model: KM1880
Zip Locked WalletOne possible effect : The performer displays a wallet, that is sealed all around with a zipper, and locked with a miniature lock. The lock is for added privacy, he explains, so that if some one happens to stumble on the wallet he has a bad habit of leaving around, they cannot peek i..
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