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Magic tricks & Novelties for All.

Model: KM1780
Fish in a BottleMake a fish appear in the bottle while the spectator is holding it!A plastic water bottle is shown to contain only clear water. The cap on the bottle is secured tightly so nothing can enter the bottle.You state the bottle contains an "INVISIBLE FISH". The bottle is handed to a specta..
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Model: KM0606
 Flaming Silk/Ball Production Casket - Mini This is a miniature metal casket the audience can see right through from three sides. Light a match, and the inside of the casket bursts into flames. Instantly the flames go off, and a sponge ball or silk handkerchief can be made to visibly appear ..
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Model: KM0484
 Flaming Silk/Ball Production Casket (Large) This is a larger model of our Flaming Silk/Ball Production casket advertised recently. (Picture on left is previous model, and on right the Large model, for comparison.) It is a metal casket the audience can see right through from three sides. Lig..
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Model: KM0591
Flash Dice Effect: 1, All the Dice in the box and the Magician cover the lid and shaken, magically, the dice show the spots as the spectators request. 2, Magician asks spectator to throw one dice into table and count number of spots on the dice, put other dices back to box and shake. All the Spot..
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Model: KM0057
FLAT DICEThe Magician holds a dice in his hand, he then slaps his other hand hard down on top of it and reveals what looks to be a cartoon version of the dice flattened in between his hands.. this can then be handed out for examination.Includes: A Dice on a Reel, a Flat Dice and Instructions..
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Model: KM2493
Floating CardThis Is An Incredible Animation Effect For Performance Close-Up, “Right Under Their Nose”.In effect a spectator selects a card from a pack which is fanned and freely displayed. The selected card is placed face up on top of the pack, and as the magician makes magic gestures, slowly float..
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Model: KM0755
FLOATING CURRENCY FLOATING CURRENCY A currency Bill placed on your open hand magically floats in mid-air. Another currency bill may be passed under this, to prove there are no supports. Properly presented this is a most effective close-up illusion. Practice the handling, and yo..
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Model: KM0301
Floating Match Trick Why not carry this in your purse or wallet and take it everywhere you go! People will love this floating mystery! This is a cool trick!  A match is placed on a playing card and suddenly begins to float in mid air - it looks spooky and is so easy to perform.  FOR BU..
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Model: KM0717
Folding Top Hat – Colored A Top Hat is a must for every magician, and now every one can afford one. Folds flat, and springs out with a snap. And a Top Hat is not just part of the performer’s formal attire – it can be a part of your act. Use it as a smart container for your silks and balls, or a sec..
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Model: KM0501
FOOL BOX - PLASTICA bill or a currency note is borrowed from a spectator, folded, and dropped into a sealed clear crystal box through a slot on the top. Hand the box out to the spectator, and he will not be able to open the box unless he learns the clever secret. But You can do it immediately unde..
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Model: KM2063
Fruit ForecastWe supply you 8 cards with the pictures of 8 fruits. You can use these to perform several different routines, as described below.Effect 1:  Magician displays eight cards, each bearing a picture and name of a fruit. Spectator selects any fruit and magician reveals it.Effect 2: ..
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Model: KM0306
Gambler's Dice by Kant Magic A beautiful round box containing one ordinary dice is passed for thorough examination. Yet, by closing the box and shaking it, you can turn up any combination desired. Furthermore, you can predict in advance the combination that will be shown. Borrowed dice may be used ..
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