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Model: KM0823
Magnetic Cards, Bicycle SET 1R & 1B Magnetic Cards, Bicycle SET 1R & 1B The magnetic card can be used for a variety of card and coin effects. A double thick card that looks like a single card when handled properly, even up close. It contains a very thin and powerful magnet, that..
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Model: KM0778
MILK MAGAZINE FAKE MILK MAGAZINE FAKE Performer pours liquid into a magazine. The liquid magically stays suspended inside the magazine. Performer turns magazine completely over.. then he flips through the pages of the magazine, and the liquid is found to have vanished. Yet, whenever the pe..
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Model: KM0760
Money Tube Money Tube An amazing device to carry with you at all times. Make money and other paper based items like visiting cards and post-it notes vanish right under your spectators nose! Perfect for street and office and school and home magic...
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Model: KM0053
PK Magnetic Ring - Gold PK Magnetic Ring - Gold Too match our Rare Earth Magnets we present a fully magnetic finger ring made of the same Neodymium and ideal for a range of PK effects. Many of the effects that you would normally do with a magnet concealed on you wrist or elsewhere can be a..
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Model: KM0782
Q5+ POCKET INDEX This is a “secret gimmick” – your audience is not even aware it exists. What it enables you to do is to produce a playing card, – any of the 52 in a deck you want, in an instant. It’s application to card magic or mental effects are many and varied. The following are a couple of..
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Model: KM0785
RAVEN REEL RAVEN REEL Show a coin and place it on your or a spectator’s hand. Show your other hand front and back, then wave it over the coin…the coin visually vanishes, or changes to a different coin. Many other effects are possible with the Raven Reel...
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Model: KM1271
ROSE TO SILKThis is a neat magical touch which can be used by any performer in his act. The performer has a Rose in his lapel. He plucks at the Rose, and it immediately transforms into a silk about 12″ Square. The performer can simply tuck away the silk, or use it if he wishes for a follow up silk e..
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Model: KM0890
Shimmed Card – Bicycle Shimmed Card – Bicycle An original Bicycle Card with a Magnetic Steel Shim inserted between the layers of the card. A useful addition to your collection of Gimmick-ed Cards and one that will pass as just another card in normal use. The Shimmed Card is the s..
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Model: KM0540
SILK BLOW DYE TUBE The Dye Tube is a gimmick that allows you to change the color of an ordinary silk or one silk for another.  The Dye Tube is turned from solid metal, measures some 2.75" long and 1.2.5" in diameter  This is not a cheap plastic model, but a professionally made metal mod..
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Model: KM0282
Silk Vanish Thumb Silk Vanish A silk handkerchief is pushed into the empty fist. The hand is then opened to show the hanky has vanished! Alternately a silk hanky can be produced from the empty hand. Supplied complete with a silk hanky, the special gimmick. FOR BULK QTY. CONTACT US FOR PRI..
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Model: KM0832
STRIPPER DECK (Bridge Size) The stripper deck should be familiar to all magicians, being one of the oldest trick decks. Basically, it is an ordinary deck that can be freely handled by the spectators. Yet the cards are cleverly gimmicked, enabling you to instantly remove one or more cards, which..
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Model: KM1138
SUPER ROPE GIMMICKS We supply two Tarbell type gimmicks (1 set) consisting of two turned brass parts which are firmly attached together with a screw type fitting. Twist the two ends to separate the two parts. They fit into normal magicians’ rope. (Soft core Rope, with a sleeving outside.) The T..
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