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Model: KM0200
CARD FOUNTAIN with Rechargeable Battery The card fountain is one of the most visually appealing of "stage card tricks" In effect a spectator selects a card from a deck. The card is shuffled back into the deck, and the deck placed in a Top Hat, (or Can, Box or any similar container). Performer clai..
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Model: KM0733
A chosen card is replaced into the deck which is shuffled and dropped into a box. A rope approx. 36" long, having tassels at either end is lowered into the box. After a bit of mambo - jumbo the rope is lifted and spectators see the rope knotted around the selected.  ..
Rs. 299.00
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Model: KM0671
Card Vanishing FrameThe Product Supplied herewith is a unque Magic Frame which can vanish the playing card from . The uniqe lock switch which makes it a perfect Magic frame , can surprise people. Made from Plastic. 11cmx7cmx10cm. Comes complete with Instructions...
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Model: KM0730
JUMBO CARD PRODUCTION/VANISH/CHANGE (PVC) FRAMEThis is a utility item - a frame that can visibly Vanish, Produce, or Change a Jumbo Playing Card in a flash, which is clearly visible through the rectangular slots in the fame. It is self-contained and works almost automatically. No sleight is required..
Rs. 125.00
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Model: KM1205
Chain TrayPour separate chain links onto a tray and instantly the links become a single chain!IT IS AUTOMATIC in working. If you can hold the tray in your hand, you can do the trick. Absolutely no skill required for this one, yet it will definitely astound your audience! And you can use it in so man..
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Model: KM0443
Chameleon Dots Silk Streamer Spots Everywhere! Beautiful Silk Magic! Display a long streamer of black silk. Holding one end of the streamer he shakes it. The streamer magically changes into a long Spotted streamer! Can also be visibly changed in front of the audience with just a shake of the ha..
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Model: KM1224
CHAMELEON SQUARES STREAMERA very good, easy, quick and highly visible effect where a black silk streamer shown freely all around and waved in the air changes into a multicolour streamer with in a square checkered pattern. It can be worked in reverse too. Just a flick of the multicoloured streame..
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Model: KM0417
Change Bag - One Hand Greatest Utility Ever! Use the Change Bag with any object that fits into the bag: Producing! Vanishing! Changing! Plush Velvet Bag attatched to Wooden handle...
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Model: KM0255
Change Bag - Jumbo with handle Long Out of stock and now available again. The Change Bag, as the name implies, is a prop used by magicians to change one item to another. It can also be used to Vanish or Produce items. There are many varieties of Change Bags. We have several varieties of these in o..
Rs. 700.00
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Model: KM0419
CHANGE BAG - SMALL The Change Bag is an invaluable accessory for any magician. Although there are large Change Bags for producing doves or rabbits, most magicians use a Change Bag to change a couple of silks, ropes, ribbons, or other similar small items. This Small Change Bag is more appropriate i..
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Model: KM0817
Checkers Color Changing Silks (Red/White)The performer shows two silks approximately 13″ x 13″ of two different colors (Red and White) tied together by their diagonal corners.He passes the silks through his fist and they change into two silks in a Red and White checkered pattern.The effect can be re..
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