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Illusions - Large/Big Stage Effects

Model: KM0391
FIRE CAGE ILLUSION A shocking magical effect, which will always catch the attention of your audience. An empty cage stays in the centre of the stage. The magician approaches it and sets the interior on fire. The magician covers the cage with a foulard. Immediately the cover is removed and a beauti..
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Model: KM0449
Floating, Appearing Microphone Stand As performed on America's Got Talent! It is a rare moment in Magic History when a concept as revolutionary as the Appearing Pole comes along. Jason Renek inspired this idea, and now, the Appearing pole concept has been taken to a whole new dimension. The Magi..
Rs. 48,000.00
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Model: KM0320
Flying Carpet illusion - EC A spectator is selected from the audience to act as an assistant to the magician. The magician draws attention to a black carpet being supported in mid air only by two, lone standing swords and a thing wooden base. The assistant is placed on top of the carpet and the woo..
Rs. 7,500.00
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Model: KM0133
Flying Carpet illusion- Super A small platform on casters is rolled to any spot on the floor. Resting on the platform is a beautifully decorated two fold screen. It supports a second platform with an attractive gold fringe, representing a magic carpet. You call on a helper from the audience and bri..
Rs. 9,500.00
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Model: KM0559
 FLYING YOGI Magically lifting themselves off the ground using nothing but a stick. However, the trick is actually more than meets the eye. A performer levitate high in the air with his legs crossed beneath him. For more Info. You can ask us. For Professional & street performers this is t..
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Model: KM0459
Four Appearing Guitars From Suitcase An absolutely astonishing appearing act where you appear not ONE but FOUR full size guitars from a suitcase. You enter the stage with a suitcase in hand. From this you are able to produce FOUR Guitars. Easy to do. The guitars are made of wood and look like rea..
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Model: KM1583
Hand Through GlassThe magician shows a pane of thick glass in a wooden frame to the spectators and hits it with his fingers, it is  a solid glass. Then the magician puts on a prop to stand and "breaks" the window in the middle of his hand. After the withdrawal of the hand, viewers watch again t..
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Model: KM1217
Head off IllusionYour assistant sits down, you put a cloth over her head and just take it off!!! It is as simple as that. No big props on stage, clean and easy to do. Great for TV shows. It can be performed surrounded and very close to your audience. This will be one of your favourite and stron..
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Model: KM0048
Head Off Shoulders This is the ultimate in shock style magic Do you want a reaction that packs a punch? People will remember you for this effect alone! This effect can be performed in any situation whether on stage or during a "street performance" In one instant of your choosing your head will ..
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Model: KM1664
Indian Rope TrickFamous Indian rope trick is a myth that has never been proven!Show a close-up table with tripod legs and a round top thin look. The table rest 3 feet high, on which you can perform all of your close-up routines. You then show an empty woven basket and place it on the table. a piece ..
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Model: KM0137
Mail Bag EscapeA thrilling escape from a bound and locked canvas mail bag!This escape makes for a perfect publicity stunt or feature in an evening-long show. Without specialized knowledge of escape magic or locks, you, too can free yourself from this heavy canvas bag with a minimum of practice. The ..
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Model: KM1120
Mail Bag Escape IllusionHere is a full size Stage illusion that you can carry in your suitcase. The magician is locked in the Canvas Bag, using a solid metal road and padlocks. A sheet or curtain is held up in front of the locked bag and the magician escapes in a flash. The Bag, the rod, and the pad..
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