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Dagger Chest Folding Eco

Dagger Chest Folding Eco
Dagger Chest Folding Eco
  • Model: KM0533
  • Weight: 6.50kg
Rs. 3,900.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,900.00
Dagger Chest Folding Eco

Dagger Chest Folding Eco

The Dagger Chest is a classic prop. We have a regular model, and this is an economy model at almost half the price, for magicians wanting the illusion at a lower cost. Packs flat for transportation, and erects or dismantles in a couple of minutes.

A box you can see right through is placed around a spectator's head. Several daggers are thrust at all angles through the sides of the box.

Then the box is opened to reveal not a human pin cushion, but a spectator with a vanished head! Finally remove the daggers, and spectator's head is "restored" without a hair out of place, and no clue to the mystery. This model makes it easy to use with a volunteer from the audience, and does not require a trained assistant. Complete special chest, handsomely decorated, with 9 daggers.

The Dagger Chest is 15" long and 11.5" wide and approximately 10.5" in height. The Swords are approximately 16" in length from tip to the base of the handle.

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