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Model: KM0082
BALLS TO RAINBOW BALL Excellent sponge ball routine. Three different colors sponge balls are displayed. Performer placed 3 balls into the hand and after magic, three balls transforming into a single 3 colored ball!..
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Model: KM1693
Bill Change Box – MagneticA beautiful box made from perspexis shown, and a dollar bill is placed inside. The box is closed and may then be handed to a spectator.After a magical gesture, the spectator opens the box to find a larger bill.A bill or note may also made to vanish or appear or torn and res..
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Model: KM0103
Blind Fold Drive BagThis is a reputation-building magic and a very good publicity stunt. You show an opaque black bag and put it over somebody’s head. He cannot see anything through it, not even a single ray of light. You wear it and the strings are tied around your neck. Blind folded in this way, y..
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Model: KM0131
One tube is stacked on top of the other with the solid piece of Plexiglas in between. The audience is told to both watch and listen as they will actually see and here the block penetrate the glass. The solid block is dropped into the top tube; the audience sees it past the first window. It hits the ..
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Model: KM0497
Blooming Blossom - Single - Eco. A feather flower is displayed to the audience. The magician plucks the flower from its stem or knocks it off accidentally so sets it aside. With just a wave of his wand, the stem begins to grow a new flower ! ..
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Model: KM0611
Blooming Bouquet - Triple (8 Flowers) - Super The magician displays a large Bouquet, which has eight Yellow flowers on it. The magician plucks off these flowers and throws them aside, then makes a Magic pass, and eight new flowers bloom of a different color. Again these are thrown aside, and again..
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Model: KM0274
Botania For Dove Pan (New All Cloth Model)This is an accessory to use with your Dove Pan when you do not wish to, or are unable to use a real Dove. Sprinkle a few seeds, real or imaginary into the empty pan.  Close the pan, and when the pan is again opened, a big "Garden of Flowers" a..
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Model: KM0901
BOTANIA MULTICOLORExtremely easy and very colorful!An attention-getting way to open or close your show! Start by showing the empty narrow cylinder, and place it on a table (or even hold it in your hands). At your command, you lift the tube and INSTANTLY a LARGE and SHOWY bouquet of flowers appe..
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Model: KM0425
BOTTLE PRODUCTION GIMMICK NEW Bottle Production Gimmick New Again available after a long time, this is a "gimmick" to enable you to produce a bottle of Cola, or any similar soda or pop drink, from a body load, or a crumpled sheet of paper. or bunch of silks or ribbons or in several other wa..
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Model: KM0871
BOTTOMLESS GLASS by Kant MagicThis glass, as the name implies is a clear tumbler without a bottom. It looks like just an ordinary tumbler, an everyday object, and being transparent is above suspicion.It has a variety of applications, for several magic effects. The Bottomless Glass is made in a good ..
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Model: KM0376
BREAK OPEN PRODUCTION BOX This is a very deceptive and effective production prop and very easy to use. It differs from other similar props, as the box breaks open with the production. When it breaks open it is in a skeleton form implying no secret hiding compartments.The performer displays a box, w..
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Model: KM0095
BROKEN AND RESTORED FAN - PLASTIC (RED) Magical Broken-and-Instantly-Fixed Traditional Fan - If opened counter-clockwise, the fan becomes broken and fall into pieces - If opened clockwise, the fan appears normal and complete - Cool party trick to throw before your friends - Virtually no practicing..
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