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Model: KM0138
Auto Ring On/Off LaceHere is an automatic version of the classic effect, where a solid metal ring penetrates off or on a piece of rope.This version requires no manipulative skill. This gimmicked version for performing similar effects makes the effects much "cleaner" with no extra moves, and more mag..
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Model: KM0614
Auto Torch to Appearing Cane (Auto-Ignition) Have you ever wished you could open your magic act with something quick AND flashy? A LARGE flaming torch is shown to your audience.  At your command, the torch is fired and INSTANTLY transforms into a solid steel cane! Compared with the tradition..
Rs. 2,000.00
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Model: KM0260
Automatic Square to Jumbo Dice A square will AUTOMATICALLY become a 3D dice! The performer shows a flat square board bearing a single large spot on one side. Turning it over, the other side is seen to display four spots.  Reversing the board again, there are now two spots -- and on the other..
Rs. 900.00
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Model: KM0516
Automatic Three Card Monte Stage Size3 cards are shown ...2 Kings & 1 Queen. The Queen is made to vanish and reappear at will. The cards are plainly shown each time before they change places.The Queen can never be found by the audience no matter how close they watch.They are easy and very c..
Rs. 900.00
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Model: KM0334
This is an Automatic version of the popular Torch to Rose effect with an additional rising effect.  Walk onto stage carrying a lit torch that could be used to light a candle or a piece of flash paper for a dramatic effect. Or pick up the torch, and light it.  A snap of the fingers, and t..
Rs. 499.00
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Model: KM0583
Baffling Bag The Magician displays an ordinary white bag to the audience, The bag is turned inside out revealing the inside (now the outside) is green in color. He put a yellow silk to the green bag. The bag is once again turned inside out revealing a yellow bag. This is repeated revealing a re..
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Model: KM0450
Bag Of Lights Performer is seen holding a paper bag.  He reaches into the air and plucks out a red light and drops the light into the paper bag.  The light can be seen falling into the bag and settling at the bottom. This action is repeated 6 more times for a total of 7 lights, all seen f..
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Model: KM0532
Bag to Card Foulard The performer displays an empty bag, shown inside and out to be of the same color.   A deck of cards is dribbled or dropped in the bag, and the bag is snapped. In a instant the bag transforms into a very large foulard 44" x 44", with all the different cards printed on it. ..
Rs. 1,260.00
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Model: KM0055
Bag To Flag - Super Quick Visual Transformation. The magician shows a small plain Blue bag on both sides. He then places anything such as some small saffron silk, white silk, and green silk into the bag. With a magic phrase or motion the bag instantly changes into a huge Indian Flag!   Special..
Rs. 830.00
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Model: KM0047
Perform one of your wonders with this new item! The magician shows a cloth bag to audiences. In an instant the bag transforms into a Colorful shiny jacket, which the performer can instantly wear and continues with his act. Spectators will stare at you amazingly! And wonder what you have done!..
Rs. 850.00
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Model: KM0142
BALLOON TO DOVE TRAY This is a production prop for producing a Dove, or a baby Pigeon. Performer shows a tray freely on both sides. Visibly and in an instant a Dove appears on the tray. If you wish you can transform a Silk into a Dove, or a Balloon can be placed on the tray, which bursts with the D..
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Model: KM0892
Balloon To Rabbit Cage - SteelThe magician shows all sides of a big empty steel box  . The Performer now introduces a balloon and inflates  it. He then puts the balloon inside the box and shows the box again. The Performer now makes a magical gesture. The balloon inside the box pops a..
Rs. 6,999.00
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