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Model: KM1339
SHIM SHELL COIN -HALF DOLLAR SHIM SHELL COIN - HALF DOLLAR Make a US Half Dollar multiply, disappear or penetrate your hand. Change the half dollar to a quarter or vanish it using a reel or magnet. We supply a shimmed half dollar shell and coin. Plenty of routines with a she..
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Model: KM1346
SHIMMED SHELL PENNY SHIMMED SHELL PENNY A shimmed shell Penny, this is a gimmicked coin required for some very effective coin tricks. You can conceal a smaller coin under the shell, and have the Penny transform to another coin. Or use a small disc of board with the legend ” IOU a Penny” ! ..
Rs. 70.00
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Model: KM1940
Sliding Coin Box - ComedyThe classic Die Box comedy routine has now been redesigned to be performed close-up with a coin. Your audience sees a coin slide back and forth between two separated compartments.Each time you open one of the compartments to show the coin has "vanished," the audience actuall..
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Model: KM1371
SPRING BILLS # 10 – (US DOLLAR ) Spring Bills # 10 – (Us Dollar)Everyone wishes they can make money spring up from nowhere. Now you can do just that with a pack or these handy Spring Bills. Yes, they look like a bouquet of real bills as they spring open in your hands, yet they compress into nearly..
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Model: KM0407
Teleporting DollarThe Teleporting Half Dollar is a very simple and easy to use magic prop that can be used to make a half dollar coin appear to vanish.There are a lot of magic props that are used to manipulate smaller coins, but this prop lets you easily manipulate a bigger coin.Make a coin appear a..
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