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Model: KM1898
Coin Production Hanky - DeluxeThe Coin Production Hank is the original creation of Magician Goutam Guha and has been marketed by us for over twenty years. The original model comprised of two cotton handkerchiefs stitched together in a very special manner. The prop resembled a common handkerchief, bu..
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Model: KM0868
Coin Table by Kant Magic Coin Table by Kant Magic A finely crafted, offbeat close-up coin effect that is simple to master. Introduce a small table and miraculously have three coins penetrate visibly through the little table. This is a reinvented gimmicked table from its original appearanc..
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Model: KM1259
COIN TRAY COIN TRAY The utility prop which you can use to perform many effects. You place one or two coins on the tray, and show them clearly to your spectators. You pour them out into your hand and they double into two or four coins. A mechanical prop, very easy to use, and with many appl..
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Model: KM0763
COIN VANISHING STAND Coin Vanishing Stand This is a mechanical stand, useful for vanishing four coins in a very convincing manner. The stand is used to apparently display the coins, and its innocent and clever design makes it seem impossible for the coins to be concealed in this. And yet, ..
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Model: KM2036
Coins From Air by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOADDescription:Multiple coins appear under the cellophane of your card box!Easy to perform.Easy to make.Download it today!..
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Model: KM0541
CREDIT CARD THRU BILL Credit Card Thru Bill Performer removes his ATM or Credit Card from his pocket and freely displays it. He also displays a plastic folder to the spectators. He borrows a currency note or bill and folds it along its long edge. He places the folded bill inside the folder..
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Model: KM0014
5 different models available for $, £, ¥, € & Re. This is a very quick flash item, easy to carry in your wallet, and most economically priced. The performer removes a Credit Card (or an ATM Card) from his wallet. In an instant and without any cover the card changes to a large Currency Bill. We ..
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Model: KM2015
Crystal Switch BoxA clear small plastic box that can AUTOMATICALLY switch any small paper!Endless choices of effects can be done with this box. For example: you ask for paper money from a spectator (let's say a $20 bill), you tell him to fold it and place into the small clear box for safe keeping. T..
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Model: KM0755
FLOATING CURRENCY FLOATING CURRENCY A currency Bill placed on your open hand magically floats in mid-air. Another currency bill may be passed under this, to prove there are no supports. Properly presented this is a most effective close-up illusion. Practice the handling, and yo..
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Model: KM1373
Houdini Palming CoinsIf you want to perform close up Coin Magic, or stage coin effects like the Miser’s Dream, you will find these coins great value. Specially made, with the picture of the famous Harry Houdini on one side, and the picture of Houdini in chains on the reverse, these coins speak a uni..
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Model: KM1267
Kellar Coin Catcher - Brass Kellar Coin Catcher - Brass The Kellar Coin Catcher is an ingenious device allowing you to produce coins one at a time apparently from the air. The gimmick we supply is made of brass, and will give you years of trouble free service if properly used...
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Model: KM1279
Knife Through Bill Performer shows a knife and a currency bill or note which may be borrowed. A piece of paper, the same size as the bill is folded in half, and the knife pushed through the middle. When the knife is pulled sideways, it rips through the paper, as expected. He then places the bi..
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