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Model: KM0420
Jumbo Card Decks - Heavy Board (Red or Blue Back) This is a superior deck of Jumbo Cards, printed on 450 gsm board which is one and a half times the thickness and grammage of regular playing 310 gsm cards. These cards are very sturdy and will not sag or bend when held by one corner, like the Jumbo ..
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Model: KM1356
JUMBO ESP DECK This ESP Deck is a great aid to the Mentalist or Magician who works on stage. The cards are printed in good quality board and each set of symbols is printed in different colours. The cards measure approximately 17.5 centimeters in length and 11.25 centimeters in width, and are promin..
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Model: KM0904
Jumbo Fooled AgainThe magician shows both the front and back of 3 cards, viz.- Eight of Hearts, Ace of Spades & Five of Diamonds in a fan. He squares up the 3 cards and places them under a silk or hanky. Now he takes out the first card, i.e. Eight of Hearts, shows it on both sides and keeps it a..
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Model: KM0428
Jumbo Moving PIP Card Magnetic by KANT You tell the audience that you are going to teach them a trick. You then show them a Giant sized card with one pip (a round pip), in full view. Turn the card over to show four pips. When you turn it over again, there are now three pips on one side and six p..
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Model: KM1150
Jumbo Selected Card AcrossThe Card Across is an old effect that is known to most magicians and many versions are available in books and magazines. In this effect, the magician counts two packets of five cards and requests a spectator to select one of the packets. The person next chooses any one card..
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Model: KM1375
KARATE CARD Karate CardEffect :  A card is selected from a deck and placed face up on top of the deck.It is now covered by another card with two holes that permit the audience to see the index pips of the card beneath.The performer now “chops” the card with a Karate Chop, then slides the top h..
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Model: KM1696
Kings To AcesA magician shows 3 Kings and places them face down on the table. He then takes out 1 Card from his pocket (An Ace) and replaces one of the Kings with the Ace.He now picks up the 3 cards on the table and turns them over. They 3 Kings have now become 3 Aces.A Great inexpensive card trick!..
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Model: KM1261
18+ (A collection of card cocktails) Lady To Lion - Large Lady To Lion - Large Here is a flat two dimensional model of the famous Lady To Lion illusion. The magician shows a picture of a lady in a cage, with a magician standing behind her. He describes the famous Lady To Lion Illusion, whe..
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Model: KM0823
Magnetic Cards, Bicycle SET 1R & 1B Magnetic Cards, Bicycle SET 1R & 1B The magnetic card can be used for a variety of card and coin effects. A double thick card that looks like a single card when handled properly, even up close. It contains a very thin and powerful magnet, that..
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Model: KM0411
Manual Ultimate Sketch PadEffect: Pick up an artist sketch pad any time during your performance and draw a face. Unexpectedly the Drawing suddenly becomes animated with eyes and mouth moving!Many customers have asked Sean over the years to make a MANUAL version of his Ultimate Sketch Pad. Well, here..
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Model: KM0354
Marked cards with Reader sunglassesYou can directly wear the improved sunglasses of new generation to see the marks or you can take off the eyeglass and cover on the lens of the camera, through which the marks of the cards can be seen. IMPORTANT NOTE: SOLD FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.NO ..
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Model: KM0992
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