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Model: KM0917
Gag Card Set - JumboIn this “set” we supply you five jumbo cards, with novel face designs, for some very off-beat card effects. There are two ‘52-in-1‘ cards, one with a normal back, and one with another card  on reverse. You also get three “crazy prediction” cards – a 3 1/2 of Clubs, a 14 of D..
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Model: KM0458
Gazzo Tossed Out Deck (DVD + Deck)You wrap the deck in rubber bands and throw it out to a punter in the audience.As your back is turned, you instruct him to open the deck anywhere he likes and remember one of the cards.In turn you instruct him to throw the deck to anybody in the audience. That perso..
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Model: KM0240
Ghost glass - Rectangle The mentalist shows a transparent glass of rectangular shape and makes choose card to spectator. Then takes back the glass, he breaths on it and magically on it will appear the card chosen. A moment later the glass returns completely transparent. • The deck is not included...
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Model: KM1169
Giant ESP DeckThis ESP Deck is a great aid to the Mentalist or Magician who works on stage. The cards are printed in good quality board and each set of symbols is printed in different colours. The cards measure approximately 28.5 centimeters in length and 18.5 centimeters in width, and are prominent..
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Model: KM1431
This is an amazing mental totaling effect. No forces. No Sleights or Multiple outs.Magician shows five double back cards. Each card has two different numbers printed on either side of it. There are five paper cases, one for each card. The cases are used to completely hide the numbers on the cards.Th..
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Model: KM0972
Gypsy Photo FrameThe Gypsy picture frame is a flat folder type picture frame. And in the simple act of closing and opening the frame, it can change one or both of the pictures inside. It can even change the same picture several times through a series of changes. It's uses are many, as a "time machin..
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Model: KM0574
HELLO MY NAME IS BY CAMERON FRANCIS (DVD + GIMMICKS)Cameron Francis has created the perfect card to impossible location effect. A memorable easy to follow presentation, a visual card reveal and their SIGNED card is found in the most impossible way. All done under extremely close supervision. Then a..
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Model: KM1236
HIMBER WALLET – (DELUXE REAL LEATHER MODEL)The Himber Wallet is a change device for flat card and paper items, like currency notes or bills, playing or visiting cards, pay envelopes, paper slips  and the like. Which is an understatement, like saying “The Rolls Royce is just an automobile” or “D..
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Model: KM0852
Hoffman’s Jumping Card This prop has been described by Professor Hoffmann on page 130 of his Modern Magic, making it over a dozen decades old. But the title of the book is not a misnomer, and the item is as effective today as it was over a century ago. It has an element of surprise and audience part..
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Model: KM0723
Impressions (Handkerchief) Card Magic, Gimmicks, Mentalism A “magical” handkerchief that you can carry around in your pocket. Use it to perform many effects limited only to your imagination or as a regular one. Two excellent effects are detailed below.A spectator selects a card from a regular ..
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Model: KM0719
Jokers Wild - Original Bicycle CardsThe effect is unbelievable. A classic of Close-up Card Magic.It uses nine cards, eight of the cards are identical, say 5 of Hearts. And the last card is an 'odd' or Wild Card, The Joker.One at a time the Wild Card, when placed with the 5H card, changes them to the..
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Model: KM1835
Jolly LolliesAnother popular effect by Ian. Its a jolly good effect. Its a jolly good routine Its several valuable minutes of fun and entertainment.Effect : The performer displays five Jumbo Cards, Each with a striking Blue pictorial back design. On their front are bold printed pictures of Ice Lolli..
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