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Model: KM1376
Swapper AcesThis is a very direct and clean “ follow the leader” type effect.Performer displays 2 packets of Jumbo cards one with all red cards, and one with all black ones. Two spectators are invited to assist, and the packet with red cards tied with a red ribbon on the palm of one spectator, and t..
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Tally-Ho Decks (PAIR) RED & BLUE Tally-Ho Decks (PAIR) RED & BLUE
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Model: KM0853
Tally-Ho Decks (PAIR) RED & BLUEA high quality, Linoid finish makes Tally-Ho playing cards the premiere choice among card magicians and for performing card flourishes.The classic Fan Back design exudes elegance, quality, and sophistication.Made in the USA by the USPCC. Available in Blue and RedV..
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Model: KM0202
Tarantula Magic Trick Description: Check this out: you borrow a finger ring, give it a gentle spin and slowly move your hands away. The ring is now floating and spinning horizontally -without you touching it. The ring hovers up and down above your hands and slowly lands on your finger. Now get ..
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Model: KM1297
The 52 to 1 Deck Blue (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Wayne Fox and David Penn..
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Model: KM1032
THE PERFORMING PACHYDERM – BY SAM DALAL The Performing Pachyderm The “daddy” of animated card props, this is a cut-out of Jumbo, the famous African elephant of P.T. Barnum’s “Greatest Show on Earth”. And obviously, like all elephants, he uses jumbo cards for his card games ! Have one or mor..
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Model: KM0872
Toss Change CardThis is a snap visual change of a playing card. A card is shown front and back, and instantly changes to an entirely different card, when tossed up. The Card can freely shown front and back.  You are supplied a special mechanical card that changes when tossed up. A typ..
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Model: KM2253
Two Card MonteARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN WAY TO ENTERTAIN OTHERS? Look no further than the Two Card Monte trick!Two playing cards are shown. A card selected by the audience is placed behind your back. It mysteriously changes place with a card in plain sight of the audience.Or show your spectator two ..
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Model: KM1411
Ultra MatchicThis is a very clever and strong “matching effect”, with a double whammy climax.The performer displays 2 sets of 13 animal cards. There are duplicates of every animal in both piles.A spectator is asked to select any card in one pile, face down. There is absolutely no force, and the sele..
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Model: KM0933
Window Prediction by Ian AdairA card is freely selected from an examined, shuffled deck.Performer slides it into a small board folder which has a window cut-out on its front. Spectators see the back of the chosen card at all times.Moments later when the card is slowly and visibly removed, there prin..
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Model: KM0118
WiregramA New Classic In Card Magic.Imagine dipping a piece of ordinary wire into hot liquid, and it instantly changes into the shape of a previously selected card!Shuffle a deck, have a card selected and you've just started what will become the most talked about effect for a long time. Use an ordin..
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Model: KM0066
Magic Poker Card SleeveNew WOW Plastic Card Sleeve Magic Trick (Gimmick Only)Your spectators will be saying "WOW" when they see this incredibly visual card change, which happens right in front of there eyes! If you saw this on TV you would be sure it was a camera trick!Imagine having a spectator fre..
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Model: KM0858
Zig Zag Lady Frame Zig Zag Lady Frame Description: Effect: The performer shows a plastic frame having four windows. Three of these windows are on one side of the frame forming a vertical column while the fourth one is at the middle of the other side. Next, the performer shows the card and..
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