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Appearing Decks - Indian

The Vanishing Deck is one of the most popular close-up items we ever sold. We sold a zillion of them. It only makes sense that there should be an Appearing Deck! And this one is cool!

Bring out a very thin vinyl wallet. Show it all around. Remove three blue-backed cards from the wallet. Two black cards and a red one. Turn the cards face down and ask the spectator to remove the red card. When he turns the card over, it is black! So are the other two cards in your hand. Explain that the red card has jumped back into the wallet.

Open the wallet and remove a complete red-backed deck of cards! Out of that thin wallet? Yes, indeed! But, you are looking for a blue-backed card, so this must be wrong. Open the wallet again, and produce another complete red-backed deck of cards. Yikes!

Do it a third time, for a total of three complete decks from that skinny little wallet! This time, it's a blue-backed deck! Open the box and remove the missing red card! Impossible, but true!

The Appearing Decks is absolutely automatic. 

Comes complete with three special decks, the vinyl wallet and three cards. 

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