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Cane Hat to Table

Cane Hat to Table
Cane Hat to Table
  • Model: KM0808
  • Weight: 1.50kg
Rs. 5,000.00
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Cane Hat to Table
This is a very smart, slick and useful accessory for magicians performing under cabaret conditions, or for a short spot in a stage performance, where they do not require a large or bulky working table.

The Performer walks on to stage with a cane or walking stick under his arm, and wearing a top hat.
With a slight flick, the stick turns into a table stand, with three legs at the bottom.

The top hat is placed over the head of the stick, and you have a smart and novel working table to dispose off the Silks and Cards you produce, or Billiard Balls, or anything else which will fit into the hat. At the end of your act simply pick up the stick and hat and walk off the floor or stage.

We supply you the special stick and folding Top Hat complete and ready to use. 

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