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Model: KM0649
Giant Zipper Banana The Zipper Banana is a comedy prop, familiar to Clowns, MC’s or anyone with a flair for comedy as a good visual Gag. The performer decides to take a snack break. He pulls out of his pocket a banana, unzips it, peels back the skin, take a bite and them meticulously zips back the ..
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Model: KM0471
Glitter Ball Production Garlands For the Magician performing productions from a Mirror Box, Square Circle, Tip Over Boxes and the like, there is always a demand for production items which occupy little or no space when folded, and make a large and colourful display when produced.   These Glit..
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Model: KM0470
Ultra Fine 18" Silk - Happy Birthday Magic with Silks is colorful and appealing for any audience. Silks make ideal production items, compressing into a small place, and making a large colorful display when produced. This has been one of our most popular series for many years. We have reintroduced ..
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Model: KM1236
HIMBER WALLET – (DELUXE REAL LEATHER MODEL)The Himber Wallet is a change device for flat card and paper items, like currency notes or bills, playing or visiting cards, pay envelopes, paper slips  and the like. Which is an understatement, like saying “The Rolls Royce is just an automobile” or “D..
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Model: KM0771
Hot Magic Production Garland 4″ – Large This is a production garland of tinsel balls with an added touch of magic. We have designed it in a manner that will enable you to use it in two ways as detailed below. The apparatus comprises of six tinsel balls fixed to a ribbon. The balls are constructed i..
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Model: KM1024
HOUDINI CHAIN SHACKLE ESCAPE Houdini Chain Shackle Escape This escape prop has become popular with magicians due to its simplicity in working. Four solid chains are fastened to an oval shaped welded steel link. You are locked with a pair of chains encircling each wrist and padl..
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Model: KM1373
Houdini Palming CoinsIf you want to perform close up Coin Magic, or stage coin effects like the Miser’s Dream, you will find these coins great value. Specially made, with the picture of the famous Harry Houdini on one side, and the picture of Houdini in chains on the reverse, these coins speak a uni..
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Model: KM0434
Imitation  Leather  Change  Wallet Your Change Wallet is a simple mechanical prop, that will exchange, (or vanish or produce,) any item it can hold. The imitation leather model looks like a quality prop, even at close distances, and comes to you at a very affordable price...
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Model: KM1190
Instant Magic TableWalk onto stage, and produce this table from a newspaper under your arm, then use it as a regular table for the rest of your act. Or just use it for the convenience of packing flat in an instant, at the bottom of your case of props, ready for use when you want.Designed on the idea..
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Model: KM0246
Invisible Elastic Stretch LoopsIf you want to do some "real magic", then there has not been a finer magician's gimmick in the last decade than the Elastic Invisible Thread Loop. It is one of the most practical of all invisible thread "systems" - you can wear it all day, and are ready to perform any ..
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Model: KM1253
INVISIBLE THREAD # 3 INVISIBLE THREAD # 3 We have had several requests from magicians for Invisible Thread. This thread is really invisible, in that it cannot be seen even at a few inches distance against an appropriate background. Invisible Thread is used in floating effects ..
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