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Model: KM0839
CRYSTAL THOUGHT CONDENSER A spectator selects a card from an ordinary deck. The performer displays a small solid crystal cube, which he explains will condense and focus thought rays, just like a lens focuses light rays. The cube is held between finger and thumb, right under the spectator's nose, a..
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Model: KM0522
Cummerbund Servante Now, you can make formal-wear functional-wear. With the most natural of movements, make objects appear and disappear...
Rs. 250.00
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Model: KM0575
Cut NO Cut Scissors They may appear to be just a normal pair of scissors, But look again, this special pair of scissors contain a clever mechanism which will lock the scissors in either a closed or open position-only you can use them! Great utility comedy prop, useful for many routines. The spect..
Rs. 1,100.00
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Model: KM0866
Day-Glo Soft Rope 50′ - YellowWe sell several varieties of Soft Rope for use in rope tricks by magicians. This rope is specially woven and cored, to give you a thick rope,  easily visible and easy to cut, knot, and manipulate. You cannot get this type of rope off-the-shelf in a commercial store..
Rs. 250.00
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Model: KM0804
Deck Changing CaseThis is a box or case that apparently holds two Bicycle decks of cards, one red backed and one blue backed. It will permit you to change the Red backed deck of cards in a very easy and simple manner right under audience view. You can now change your examined and shuffled deck for a..
Rs. 270.00
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Model: KM0751
Dollar Bill Fan to Bill Top Hat QUICK CHANGE  Artist Made Easy!  Phenomenal Magic As Seen on TV This is the one! The spectacular will always remember & talk about your act! Produce a real Fan of Bill & toss them into the air. Instead of the bills scattering on the floor, they ..
Rs. 3,500.00
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Model: KM1377
DOLLAR PRODUCTION COILS # 10 Dollar Production Coils # 10The performer produces a long garland apparently made of Dollar bills. You could produce this from your bare hands, or from any production prop, or from behind a playing card or fan of cards, or a silk shown empty.We supply a set of ten coils..
Rs. 180.00
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Model: KM1347
DOUBLE LOCKED CHEST MYSTERY – INLAIDThese are a well made pair of nesting Chests. They enable you to secretly introduce an item into the inner locked chest, making possible some very strong magic. This is a sample effect with this prop.The performer borrows a high denomination bill from a spectator...
Rs. 825.00
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Model: KM0344
Professional Dove Bag and Dove Bag Holder Now, you can magically produce doves professionally with this special Dove Bag and Dove Bag Holder! When You order Select Colors Which you like. Red, White, Black..
Rs. 145.00
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Model: KM0857
Dream String #5 (Elastic Invisible Thread Loops) Dream String #5 (Elastic Invisible Thread Loops) Now at 1/5 th the price of previous batches. If you want to do some “real magic”, then there has not been a finer magician’s gimmick in the last decade than the Elastic Invisible ..
Rs. 125.00
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Model: KM0019
Elastic Invisible Thread - Spool - 1 MeterElastic Invisible thread is one of the most potent gimmicks in the modern close-up workers arsenal. Some very amazing levitation, animation and PK type effects can be performed with this thread, which is completely invisible under most performing conditions ..
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Model: KM0810
Instant Electric Color Changing Silk A magician takes out a white silk ,waves it and throws it into the air. Suddenly, the white silk turns into a red silk! It is a new designed trick and it is controlled by the electric gimmick. Quite easy to perform. It includes 2 silks, a USB charging cable and ..
Rs. 5,900.00
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