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Model: KM0045
CARD UMBRELLA PRODUCTION The new Production Card Umbrella is the perfect addition to any card act! In fact, if you already own our Production Parasols, this is the perfect climax! The parasol opens in a flash, and the mechanism is really well-made. The cloth is printed in full color with a splash..
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Model: KM1429
Now organize all of your gimmicked cards and packet tricks. These great little vinyl wallets are just perfect, and each has two clear window compartments.  Use for coins as well. Note: Cards not included, photo is to show an example. Wallets hold poker and bridge size cards...
Rs. 85.00
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Model: KM0345
Cell Phone into BottlePut a cell phone into a sealed bottle visually, even borrowed !The magician borrows a cell phone and a plastic bottle from spectators. Showing that there are still some liquid inside the bottle, he instantly penetrate the borrowed cell phone inside the borrowed bottle VISUALLY,..
Rs. 135.00
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Model: KM0271
Chain Release Handcuffs Imagine having a member from the audience chain you up; and within seconds you are able to escape! This is one of the easiest, fastest and most impressive of Handcuff releases ever to be released. It can be used either as an effect, or it can be part of any esc..
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Model: KM1417
Your set of balls for the Chop Cup are very often lost or get worn out. We now have extra sets available.We supply 2 one inch balls (1 Magnetic and 1 Ordinary) with a Crocheted wool covering. The Crocheted covering makes all standard manipulations with these Balls easier. They give you a better grip..
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Model: KM1263
CIGARETTE PRODUCTO GIMMICK CIG – PRODUCTO GIMMICK The effect is very visual and a dream for the smokers. The magician reaches into thin air and produces a large number of cigarettes, one after the other and tosses them into a hat until totally exhausted (The magician, not the invisible stoc..
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Model: KM2013
Closeup Magic CaseThis Closeup Magic Kit that turns into a table. All Gimmicks, Playing Card Decks, Rubber bands, Coins, Sponge Balls, Thumbs, Ropes and Other Close-up props inside your case for Your closeup magic act/show.IDEAL PARTITIONS: You can design yourself internal compartments by the R..
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Model: KM1153
Cloth Sleeve Bouquet # 10This is a production bouquet of ten large cloth flowers. Ideally these bouquets are produced from thin air after showing your hands empty, (actually from up your sleeves). They could also be produced from any production prop, like a Mirror Box, Square Circle Production Outfi..
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Model: KM0493
Coin Bender Gimmick Coin Bender Description: Borrow a 2p or 1p coin from a spectator & make a mark on it (if necessary))- everything is completely fair Then hold the coin in your finger tips- it visually bends. Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin still is BENT. You ..
Rs. 250.00
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Model: KM0840
Coin Dumper The Coin Dumper is a special gimmick designed to hold about a dozen coins securely and release them into your waiting fingers all together at any time required. This differs from Coin Catchers and Droppers in that all the coins are delivered as a stack and not singly, allowing you to pr..
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Model: KM0922
COIN SLIDE DROPPER COIN SLIDE DROPPER This is a special brass gimmick, specially designed to hold a number of coins in your sleeve or under your Coat, and the coins can be secretly dropped into your hand one at a time, by pressing on the lever. The apparatus can be used for any coin produc..
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Model: KM0868
Coin Table by Kant Magic Coin Table by Kant Magic A finely crafted, offbeat close-up coin effect that is simple to master. Introduce a small table and miraculously have three coins penetrate visibly through the little table. This is a reinvented gimmicked table from its original appearanc..
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