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Model: KM0871
BOTTOMLESS GLASS by Kant MagicThis glass, as the name implies is a clear tumbler without a bottom. It looks like just an ordinary tumbler, an everyday object, and being transparent is above suspicion.It has a variety of applications, for several magic effects. The Bottomless Glass is made in a good ..
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Model: KM0909
Brass Reel – StandardThe Standard Brass Reel is a classic Magician’s gimmick which permits you to perform miracle effects like the Serpentine Silk, Silk Through Microphone Stand, and several others.  Complete text books have been written for the use and application of this prop.We supply the Br..
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Model: KM1536
Break Away Fan – Economy (Plastic) Break Away Fan – Economy (Plastic) This classic prop can be used to obtain many comedy effects and gives the performer an item to use in an audience participation act. The performer produces a fan and proceeds to fan some item, explaining that it must be fan..
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Model: KM1328
BUBBLE GUM MOUTH COILS # 12 BUBBLE GUM MOUTH COILS # 12 The magician challenges a few children to a “bubble gum pulling contest.” He hands each child a wrapped piece of gum and explains that whoever can stretch their gum the furthest wins. In turn, each child tries and can only get their g..
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Model: KM2229
Bubbles Streamer (30 Feet)These production streamers are pure silk streamers 6 inches wide and over 30 feet in length.Being made of pure silk, the streamers can be loaded in a very small and compact space in virtually any production prop.  In fact these streamers can even be loaded, accordion p..
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Model: KM0538
Cane Auto Flash A great attachment for your Vanishing Cane. Ignite a Flash and make the cane disappear or change it into a silk, card, flower, etc. You are only limited by your imagination. Absolutely perfect for stage performances and a MUST for any vanishing cane routine!..
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Model: KM0808
Cane Hat to Table This is a very smart, slick and useful accessory for magicians performing under cabaret conditions, or for a short spot in a stage performance, where they do not require a large or bulky working table. The Performer walks on to stage with a cane or walking stick under his arm, and..
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Model: KM0030
Cane Plumes - DeluxeThis beautiful flower bouquet is the perfect addition to your vanishing cane effect. Load these instead of a silk for a spectacular cane to bouquet effect!..
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Model: KM1087
Cane to Umbrella Rainbow (Single)This colorful trick can also serve as a place to hold props as you perform. A black cane is standing upright on the stage. On top of the cane is a silk hanky tied to it. The performer takes the silk and instantly a colorful inverted umbrella appears. The performer ca..
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Model: KM0635
Cane-Card-Silk Holder Cane-Card-Silk Holder The Cane-Card-Silk Holder is a gimmick which will allows you to secretly steal a few Cards, or an Appearing Cane or one or more Silks for use in a routine that requires this. The holder is pinned on your trousers at the waist or to your coat lin..
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Model: KM1661
Card Fan – JumboAfter finishing any of his favorite card routines, the magician waves his hand and makes a complete fan of jumbo cards appear!You can use this as a climax to any of your card routines or flourishes.Card length : 6.5 inchFan diameter : 13 inch..
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Model: KM0787
CARD FANNING POWDER CARD FANNING POWDER Created to reduce friction between cards. Fanning Powder also can increase the life span of your cards not to mention give you beautiful fans as well. Apply a small amount of this Fanning Powder and even old, worn out decks will fan like new. Works g..
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