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20th Century Silks

20th Century Silks

Classic Platform Magic that ANYONE Can Perform!
The 20th Century Silks will blow away the audience when you perform this at your next show. It will be a sensational hit at your Saturday afternoon kid's birthday show as well as for your adult audience during your cabaret performance at the night club or on the stage for your full evening show next week.

Two silk handkerchiefs of the same color are tied together by the magician. A third silk handkerchief of a different color is vanished. Instantly, the vanished silk handkerchief is seen tied between the other two handkerchiefs.

This is SOLID magic that really entertains and will keep your audience talking about your show for weeks.

You receive 18 inch silk handkerchiefs and instructions. You supply your own favorite method of vanishing the single silk handkerchief.

For those of you that need a method to vanish the silk, we highly recommend the Change Bag, Tote Bag Deluxe, Devil's Handkerchief, Handkerchief Vanisher, each sold separately.

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