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Water & Paper BagA classic masterpiece, “Newspaper and Water”, has been loved and performed by magicians all over the world. Fujiwara improved the..
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Two Card MonteARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN WAY TO ENTERTAIN OTHERS? Look no further than the Two Card Monte trick!Two playing cards are shown. A card sel..
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Perspective Cards SetThis is a very easy yet baffling mind reading effect which you can carry in your pocket, and perform any time, any place.A specta..
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Bubbles Streamer (30 Feet)These production streamers are pure silk streamers 6 inches wide and over 30 feet in length.Being made of pure silk, the str..
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Nest Of WalletsAny small borrowed item such as a coin or ring INSTANTLY reappears wrapped in cloth, inside a nest of THREE wallets.Perfect For close-u..
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Dice Game Dice Game
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Dice Game“Produced and Designed by Tora Magic Company”There will be magically 6 colorful dice. The magician asks the spectator to choose a color of th..
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Robot CoinsDescription:Mysteries Magic presents a classic of magic. Now with new handlings and new presentations!Coins will vanish from magician hands..
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Maleh by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOADDescription:Change pictures and transform writing on sticky notes!No magnetsNo chemicalsNo black artNo pulls or ro..
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Alphabet RouletteSpin to win!The magician and a spectator each select several letters, and spin the miniature routlette wheel to arrive at a combinati..
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ADAIR'S MOUSE ANIMATIONThis is an imitation fur mouse, accompanied by a 24 page booklet for manipulating it by Ian Adair titled “Mouse Animation, the ..
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Vanishing CDMake a real CD completely vanish and reappear someplace else!The magician displays a small plastic holder along with a real Compact Disc. ..
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Fruit ForecastWe supply you 8 cards with the pictures of 8 fruits. You can use these to perform several different routines, as described below.Effect ..
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Computer Mind Reading CardsThis is a very easy yet baffling mind reading effect which you can carry in your pocket, and perform any time, any place.A ..
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Command Wall ClockThis Command Wall Clock work Under your command.Effect: You can Start or Stop Second Hand of the Clock.Complete Supllied with Clock,..
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Multicolour Matrixhe magician shows four Poker Chips of four different colours. The Poker Chips are laid out in front of the magician. Two of the Chip..
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Coins From Air by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOADDescription:Multiple coins appear under the cellophane of your card box!Easy to perform.Easy to make.Downloa..
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Bubbly Baby AcesThis is a card trick with a miniature deck of cards, and an elegant long stem Wine Glass. Although using Miniature Cards, the item pla..
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Comedy Glass in Paper ConeThe magician announces that he will try to make an interesting experience, although he is not sure if he remembers it well.T..
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Crystal Switch BoxA clear small plastic box that can AUTOMATICALLY switch any small paper!Endless choices of effects can be done with this box. For ex..
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Closeup Magic CaseThis Closeup Magic Kit that turns into a table. All Gimmicks, Playing Card Decks, Rubber bands, Coins, Sponge Balls, Thumbs, Ro..
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