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Card Go Plus (Jumbo size)

The original prop titled Card Go was created by Norman over 50 decades ago. It is a cut out frame, f..

Rs. 800.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 800.00

Dollar Bill Fan to Bill Top Hat

Dollar Bill Fan to Bill Top Hat QUICK CHANGE  Artist Made Easy!  Phenomenal Magic As Se..

Rs. 3,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,500.00

Flower Basket (With Flower)

Flower Basket (with Flower) The magician shows an empty wire basket  which the audience can see..

Rs. 1,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,500.00

Folding Top Hat - Card Print

Folding Top Hat - Poker Pattern  Every Magician Needs One! A great looking top hat AND with a..

Rs. 1,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,500.00


Phantom Die Casket An old classic from the Thayer era  A 3” die is placed in a casket open on ..

Rs. 1,550.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,550.00


Quick Change Card This is a mechanical card that changes from the Queen of Hearts to the King o..

Rs. 100.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 100.00

Super Steel Ball & Tube

Super Steel Ball & TubeThe ball and tube mystery, where a steel ball magically sinks into a tube..

Rs. 270.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 270.00

Toss Change Card

Toss Change CardThis is a snap visual change of a playing card. A card is shown front and back,..

Rs. 90.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 90.00