Multiplying Bottles - 8 Bottle Set

The Multiplying Bottles are a Classic and Greatest Comedy Effects in Magic!!

There are many variations and models available.

The Martini Bottle Set is Top of the line for several reasons:
• 8 Spun Aluminum Bottles 
• 2 Spun Aluminum Anodized Covers
• NO Chipping Paint!
• Look Like Real Bottles

The Martini Multiplying Bottles consist of EIGHT nesting bottles, (2 sets of four nest, and two outer covers.)
Perform the passé Passee routine:

A Glass and a Bottle under different covers repeatedly change places !

A bottle magically jumps from one tube to the other, then back!

The performer and audience never seem to know where it is.

Then a second bottle appears, then a third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and finally the eighth appears!

There are bottles everywhere!

Comes with Dragon Decal's on your outter Tube's!!!

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