Cola Cans Production - IM
Magician shows two empty tubes.

Now magician makes a magical gesture... WOW!!

A cola can appears from the empty tubes.

One... Oh, Two! Wait, Three!! OMG, totally 6 cans appear from the tubes!!


- The cans you produce are made of real coke cans. That's why they appear to be regular, normal cans, even though they are gimmicked can.

- You can perform this effect by holding the tubes on your palm or even by placing them on the table.

- The last can (please prepare yourself) is a real, normal sealed regular can. So you may give it to spectator as a souvenir or drink as shown in demo video.

- Comes with 2 tubes, 5 gimmicked cans, and, instructional DVD. Please provide 1 real coke can.

- The design of tubes and coke cans may vary & they are subject to change. LIMITED STOCK NOW ! ONLY 10!


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