This is one of those very clever precision mechanical prop, turned in solid brass, which is highly intriguing in performance, and also makes for an excellent collector item.
In effect performer displays a solid steel ball, a brass cup, and a plunger which completely fills the inside of the cup, with no space to conceal anything.
The cup is placed on the back of the performer's hand, and the steel ball dropped inside. The plunger is now slowly pushed into the cup, and the steel ball apparently disintegrates, as the plunger goes deeper and deeper into the cup. Finally when the plunger has been completely inserted into the cup, the steel ball falls out from under the performer's hand, having apparently penetrated the cup and hand. The plunger is again removed from the cup and seem to be a solid plunger which fills the entire cup. And the cup is completely empty.
We supply all the required apparatus turned in solid brass, along with full instructions. A prop you will treasure for its ingenuity of method, as much as its practical use.

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