The most multipurpose utility for the working magician ever.
Most Magician know the usefulness of a waistcoat for body loads, switching and 'stealing' props and gimmicks and for holding a variety items for production and use in their acts. An average waistcoat has 4 pockets and is most useful.

This utility waistcoat has an amazing many - POCKETS of various sizes both on the outside and inside. These pockets will hold a variety of items for production such as Spring Flowers, Silks, Ropes, Thumb Tips, Dice, Nail Writers, Paddles, Thimbles, Coins, Magnets, ITR's, Doves, Dye Tubes - In fact anything you may wish to conceal about your person.

This is an absolute must for Magicians who do acts like Body-loading, close-up as well as the stage performer. You can carry a whole act around on you in the various pockets.
A complete 'Body Load' act can be built around this one waistcoat.

8 inner Packets for Dove, silk & Flowers

2 Silk Attachment Positions

2 Inner Packets

2 Outer Packets

1 Top Outer Packet

2 Umbrella Holders

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