Fujiwara Gimmick Deluxe (Gimmick with DVD)

Fujiwara gimmick fits over the middle and ring fingers. The space inside the fingers is not separated, allowing concealment of larger items such as three or four Morgan dollar coins, or up to ten half dollar coins, silks, even a spoon and fork. 

When first practicing magic, most people use the thumbtip gimmick. However, it's natural to want to advance to producing more and larger items in their routines. The Fujiwara Gimmick lets you take that next step. 

The possibilities of this gimmick are limited only by your imagination. The instructional DVD explains basic handling and gives several examples to get you started. 

DVD Contents: 

•Dividing Coin (New Effect)

A single large coin is placed onto an empty silk. Wrapped in the silk, the coin magically divides and TEN coins pour out of the silk. A fantastic climax to your coin routine! 

•Phantom Silverware (New Effect)

Magician displays a silk. He places a fork and spoon into the silk and with a magical gesture they are gone! Only the silk remains. But with another magical gesture the fork and spoon are back, and he is ready for dinner. 

•Handkerchief and Coin

Magician shows a large silk. With a mystical gesture, a big coin appears from the silk. Magician shows the coin and puts it into the silk . . . where it completely disappears, nothing remains. 

•Vanishing Coin 

Magician pours a large coin out of a crystal glass into his hand. With a magical gesture the coin disappears; his hands are empty! With a second gesture the coin springs again from the empty hand. 


Three coins magically change into a bill. 

•Flying Silk (New Effect)

Magician covers the mouth of a glass with a tissue and seals it on with a rubber band. He retrieves a silk and tucks it into one hand. With glass in one hand and silk in the other, he magically throws the silk into the glass. He reaches through the tissue and pulls the silk from the glass. 

•Handkerchief and Silk (New Effect)

A white handkerchief devours a red silk. No trace is left. But then the red silk is magically reborn from the handkerchief.

Running Time Approximately: 46min. This Trick Made in China.

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